May 21, 2015

Today I'm sharing the last DIY thumb tack project of the week!

I saved the EASIEST for last. 

All you need are some thumbtacks, some old buttons (or anything small you have laying around), and a hot glue gun.

Simply take your button and hot glue it to the tack, and give it a minute or two to dry.

I live with paint on my hands and hair. The struggle is real.

I used some buttons that were give to me by my great grandma about 15 years ago. I love how ornate some of them are.

I even spray painted a few of the plastic buttons to bring in more color.

My favorite one.

You can view my DIY thumb tack art here and my DIY thumb tack scalloped candles here.

And PS.  I'll be back live on KCTV5's Better Kansas City on Tuesday, May 26 around 9 a.m. with all three tutorials, so if you're in KC and want to tune in, I'd love your company. :)



May 20, 2015

I'm back with another DIY project using gold thumb tacks. Today's project is super easy, cute,  affordable—best combo!

All you need is one (or a few) pillar candles and gold thumb tacks. That's it.

Take your candle and start sticking the tacks in whatever pattern you prefer. I love the scallop look that the overlapping tacks create. So on trend.

On one candle I created the "dipped" look, and not he other I created a simple linear look. Next one I'm going to do will cover the entire candle. 

They're so pretty I don't wanna burn 'em too long. :)

Stay tuned tomorrow for my last DIY thumb tack project. And you can see yesterday's canvas art project by clicking here.

PS. Have you used thumbtacks in any of your DIY projects? I'd love to see what you've done, so share them with me via Instagram or Facebook.



May 19, 2015

For the next three days I'll be sharing a new DIY project using gold thumb tacks, and a few other simple items. 

And PS. next Tuesday, May 26 I'll be back on KCTV5's Better Kansas City showing the live tutorials.

Today I created some fun painted canvas artwork using only a few items:

+ Mini square canvases (super cheap at Wal-Mart)
+ Gold thumb tacks 
+ Acrylic paint and brush
+ Ruler
+ Pencil

I started off painting the small canvases with cherry acrylic paint colors.

Once they dried I took my ruler and pencil and drew some lines to trace.

I covered all of my lines on one canvas.

Then I butted up the four canvases and thought it would be fun to continue the lines through all of them.

I traced all pencil lines with the tacks until I covered them all. 

I didn't really care for the way the navy one turned out, so I omitted it. It changed up my the layout and the line design carry through, but I didn't mind that one bit. 

Next time I do this project I'll be a little more precise, and will also try a different pattern. I'm thinking of trying something similar to an ombre pattern.

All of my friends better beware—they might be receiving some gifts soon! :)