August 27, 2015

Hello there!

Today I'm happy to have Edna Thompson guest posting some easy DIY home improvement tips. 

You can complete one or more of these easy projects this weekend, and make a big impact on your home. What do you think? I know I'll be painting a room or two. :)


DIY projects are often notorious for taking too long to be completed. But who says that this is always the case? There are a few home improvements that can be done in only a couple of days. Take a look.

Source + Tutorial

Give a breath of new life to your old desk (or dresser) by refinishing it. Here are the steps:

1. First things first, empty the desk. Remove all the stuff that it holds. 

2. Disassemble the desk, removing all hardware.

3. Strip and sand the desk. Go to the store and buy all the tools you are going to need: a sander, stripping agent, protective clothing, goggles, etc. Throughout the job, lots of dust will be created. Make sure to clean it with a brush or a cloth.

4. Buy a finish/stain and apply to your desk. Let sit for a day or two. Next, add a second coat. Allow enough time for the stain to dry. Finally, apply a third coat of finish. Polyurethane is best to use.

5. When the finish has dried, piece back all the hardware.



Everybody can repaint a room. You just need to get used to the techniques. But choosing the right color can be a real challenge. It totally depends on how colors make your feel and what mood you want to create. To help you decide TootingRenovators in London give some more information about colors:

Yellow – ah, yellow. So bright and optimistic. It creates a happy, cheerful mood around the house. But be cautious. Yellow is also an energetic color and it is not recommended for nurseries and bedrooms unless you want to experience difficulty getting to sleep or your baby crying more. It's very powerful and it should be used sparingly.

Red – discos, bars and other entertainment facilities are likely to be painted red. This is an energetic color and it should definitely be kept out of your bedroom. Red is perfect for kitchens, hallways and dining rooms. It is believed to stimulate the appetite. If you still want to add red to your bedroom, use small doses and light tones.

Brown – depending on your personal preferences, brown can either be sad and gloomy or warm and reliable. Not many people would go for it when repainting their homes because it can really close in a room. However, if you combine light and dark color accents, you can create a nice room for boys (more often than not, brown is a preferred choice by men rather than women).

Purple – it's a great choice when it comes to a girl's room. It's creative, magical and sweet. But be careful not to use too much of it, as it can create an artificial atmosphere.

Green – does looking at the grass calm you? Green is a soothing color if the right tones are used.

Blue – as opposed to red, blue is said to suppress the appetite. It is tranquil, cool and soothing. Use it in bedrooms and study rooms.



A huge advantage of making your own shelves is that you can choose the shape and color of the pieces. Generally speaking, it takes more effort to cut the boards to specific widths and lengths. If you don't want to waste time (or effort), just go to the home improvement store. It costs extra to have your wood cut into pieces, but it is a great choice if you don't have the necessary tools, skills or time to do it yourself. Once the wood is cut, you just need to sand it and attach the pieces together to make a shelf.

Source (left), Source (right)

A ceiling fan is a great addition to your living room on hot summer days and just as useful in cooler weather. Believe it or not, installing a ceiling fan by yourself is not that difficult or impossible. You just need a partner because some of the work requires an extra set of hands.

These are just some of the improvements you can make in a weekend.

The article is written by Edna Thomson. Edna is a co-founder of Tenancy Clean Chiswick, a cleaning company in London, UK.


August 26, 2015

As some of you know we've moved into our new (older) home a few days ago, and I'm getting started on planning Vivi's new room and connecting play room. I want her to feel at home as quickly as possible. 

I've been designing some art for her walls, and since she is so big into her ABCs and numbers right now, I thought why not start there. :)

Are you looking for some free printables for your kiddo's room? I am offering these two (in lots of other color options) today if you're interested!

Click here to download your favorites. 
Lots of colors to choose from!



August 21, 2015

Hello and Happy Friday!

I haven't taken this long of a blog break ever, and I don't like it! Gotta get back on track now that we're finally moved into the new place.

Our move didn't go as planned (the closing date was pushed back a few days) and we had been camping out in our old house's living room on an air mattress and deck chairs with a cooler of food until yesterday when we finally got to move into our new home. Yay!

More on that in a future post. :)

 I feel like we've been living in chaos for the last four weeks, but am so glad we are finally able to start settling into our new home. Even if I am looking at our dryer in the middle of the living room as I type this. Ha.

And I am just now finding the time (and internet connection) to post all of the before and afters of the deck my hubby Ted built at the house we just sold. Better late than never, I guess.

Our old deck was pretty small and definitely showing it's age. It also didn't work with the cliff in the backyard at all. We decided to build a new deck before we tried to sell the house.

Here are some photos of the yard and deck last year. Can you say EYE SORE?? :)

I know. And looks at the overgrown lawn and weeds. I can hardly look at it, ha.


Ted hadn't built a deck before, but he knew the basics, and taught himself the rest. He's awesome like that!

We knew the biggest hurdle was going to be to build the stairs over the cliff to actually make the top half of the back yard useable. 

Here are some in process photos of the decking action. 

Demo Day
Building the base. It had been raining for two weeks straight. It was a soggy mess, but Ted trooped it out.

Powering through.

And about 5-6 weeks later the top was finished. The deck doubled in size and worked with the cliff nicely. Ted stalled out a bit trying to figure out the best way to attack the cliff stairs part. Thankfully our awesome and handy neighbor came over for an afternoon to help him get that part started. That helped Ted get over the hump, and to keep moving forward.

What also helped push him was receiving an offer on the house. It wasn't even back on the market yet, but someone wanted it, and gave us less than 4 weeks to finish the deck, find our new house, and close on everything. Nothing like pressure to keep one going! Ha.

And 12-13 weeks and $2,000 later, here are the after photos.

One thing to note. I would have done a better job styling and staging the deck if my decor stuff weren't already packed up in our POD, but whatever. :)

Thankfully our new house has a bigger deck and flat back yard. It would have been sad to go from our new deck to another one needing some love. We're decked out at the moment.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!