February 8, 2016

I feel like I blinked, and now it's almost mid February. How. Did. That. Happen?

I'm back to blogging, yes, but it has been all behind the scenes stuff as I transfer the Blogger site over to my new Wordpress site. No fun (and maybe that's why I lost track of time). 

Speaking of the transfer, There have been a few bumps along the way, but overall the migration went smoothly. Now I'm just busy perfecting everything, and giving it all a bit of a facelift. I do hope to unveil the new blog next week though, so stay tuned. :D


It's coming up on Valentine's Day Party, and I need to get my booty into gear and get all of Vivi's preschool valentines printed and ready. Yikes!

I designed a few options, and will be printing and personalizing them over the next couple of days. I wanted to share them in printable sheets with you in case you're in my same last-minute boat, ha.

See any you like?

Click here to download your faves! (There are 4 robot options, FYI).

Once downloaded, just print on white card stock, and cut down to size with scissors.



January 29, 2016

**KC peeps....I'll be live on KCTV5's Better Kansas City on Tuesday, February 2 doing these tutorials live. Tune in if you can!**

Are you hosting a Super Bowl party? 

I have some easy and affordable DIY decor ideas for you.


Supplies needed:

Mini clothes pins
Brown foam paper sheet
White foam tape 

You'll want to start by cutting football shapes out of your brown foam sheet. I cut myself a stencil out of a piece of card stock and used it to ensure all of the footballs were  the same size/shape.

I traced the stencil with a pen, and then cut the shapes out (there was room for six footballs out of my foam sheet).

Take your foam tape, and cut a long strip for the vertical part of the laces. Place it.
Then cut three smaller, same sized strips for the horizontal parts of the laces.

Cut the length of string you wish house (since my string was so thin, I doubled mine up. This helps hold the banner up more sturdily).

I used the white foam tape to add the string to the wall, and then took my clothes pins, and started pinning the footballs on.


Supplies needed:
Cheap toy football
gold or silver spray paint
Some kind of base (I used a plastic cup form my daughter's toy box)
Hot glue gun
Turf covered foam block (optional)

Take your cup and football and spray paint it in your desired color.

Take your hot glue gun and glue the football to the base (cup).

Let the glue dry, and you have yourself a mini football trophy. I like the look and height from using the turf colored foam block (I found it on clearance at Michael's and cut it in half for use in two different projects).



Supplies needed:
Three Sturdy straws (Mine are from IKEA)
Hot glue gun
Base (I used the other half of the turf covered foam block)
Five straight pins
Scotch tape

Using your scissors cut one of your straws in half. Then poke a hole in your foam base and slide a regular sized straw securely in place.

Next you will want to attach the other regular sized straw to the one stuck into your foam base. You will want to make a "T" with your two straws. I used hot glue to lightly secure it, and then ended up hot gluing a straight pin in place on the backside (the side that won't be seen) for extra support.

I decided to scotch tape a straight pin to the base of both of my half straws.This would help with the sturdiness, and would also allow me to attach the half size straw to the straw that was attached in the previous step. 

I poked the straw through the base straw, and then hot glued over it for extra support.

I did the same thing to the other side. Then I decided that it still needed some more sturdiness, so I took another rstraigh pin and poked it through both straws at an angle.

I used some wire cutters/pliers to trim the excess straight pin.

And there you have it...a mini goal post. :)

If you use any of these ideas at your Super Bowl party, I'd love to see how they turn out. Make sure you share them with me on FB or Instagram. :)