April 27, 2015

 **To be featured on KCTV5's Better Kansas City on 4/27/15 **

I created some DIY projects using items I already have on hand. It didn't take more than a few seconds looking at our recycling bin to come up with my first project.

I took some plastic water bottles and quickly turned them into bright and cheery vases, and you can too.

All you need:
+ 5-7 plastic water bottles in various sizes
+ Acrylic paint and a brush or spray paint 
+ Masking Tape
+ String in various colors (incase you want to hang your vases)
+ Flowers
+ Scissors

Take your water bottle and tape off the area you don't want to paint. Make sure you firmly press the tape on the bottle for the cleanest line.

Take your paint and brush (or spray paint) and coat the area to be painted with 2-3 coats (allowing time to dry between each coat).

Once the paint is dry remove the masking tape, and you will have nice, a clean line, and a paint dipped look. 

Fill with water and your favorite flower. Repeat this step with each water bottle using a different color of paint.

Group them together for a colorful arrangement.

Bonus: If you have a toddler who drinks generic Pedia-sure, you can use those empty bottles for vases too. The bottles have a fun geometric design on them, and look nice spray painted. :)

After painting the bottom half, I decided to paint the top halves for a more cohesive look rather than a dipped look.

Happy crafting!


April 24, 2015

Last stop on the home tour...

A week before we put our house on the market I finally updated the two extra guest rooms —nothing like waiting till the last minute. 

I painted all of the builder's grade oak trim with my trusty Behr Lunar Light paint. I wanted to paint the walls in both room since they have been the same since we bought the house (and don't work well with the light trim), but our guest rooms just haven't been at the top of our priority list, so we decided to leave them.

The rooms are nothing special, but they do the job of housing guests. :)

Guest room #1:

I painted the builder grade oak bathroom cabinets and trim in Lunar Light, but we ended up running out of time to remove the carpet and tile the jack and jill bath. It is what it is I guess. 

Guest room #2 (aka the man room):

Not sure why we keep the iron in here. Ted is the only one who irons, so I guess it makes sense where it is, ha.

Best part of these two rooms...I didn't spend a dime to update and decorate them. Boom.



April 23, 2015

Back at it with some more free printables today...woohoo!
Still feeling the colorful geometrics...hopefully you are too. :)

Click here to download any or all of the nine freebies.

PS. Stay tuned tomorrow for the last stop in the home tour—the guest rooms.