Audrey has been doing live and recorded TV segments for 10 years.

Audrey Kuether KOIN Portland TV segment

I had a great time joining Asheley on Everyday Northwest! I showed a super easy DIY snow globe tutorial. Click the image to watch!

Audrey Kuether DIY segment on KOIN Portland TV
Hometalk TV

I regularly film segments for Hometalk TV, the worlds largest community for home and garden. These have been so fun and are usually about 5-10 minutes, so they show a completed DIY project from start to finish

TV SEGMENTS, Oh So Lovely Blog
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TV SEGMENTS, Oh So Lovely Blog

I’ve done quite a few DIY TV segments on KCTV5 over the last 10 years, and have loved every minute of it!

You can watch a my most recent segments at this link.


TV SEGMENTS, Oh So Lovely Blog

I’ve also recently just started doing some DIY segments with Fox4 Kansas City.

I absolutely LOVED doing my DIY candle segment on Salt Lake City’s Studio 5 (via Skype). What a fun experience!

TV SEGMENTS, Oh So Lovely Blog

Studio5 Salt Lake City TV segment

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