I don’t know about you, but I am pretty much obsessed with flamingos, so of course I have made some FREE flamingo printables to share!

I have been on a big pink flamingo kick lately, and was in need for some fresh new office art, so I thought why not create some.

I totally even themed Vivi’s 2nd birthday party in flamingos and used the tagline let’s FLAMINGLE!

Today I am sharing four 8×10 printables for you other pink flamingo lovers out there. 🙂



FREE flamingo printables

I can’t wait to print and frame these FREE flamingo printables!

To save the files:

Click on the desired printables above (they’ll open large) and drag the image to your desktop (mac) or right click and save (pc), open and print it on a letter sized sheet of white card stock paper (with a color printer) and trim to size.

The printables are letter sized, but you can print them larger or smaller as needed in your printer settings. I recommend a printing on heavier, smooth card stock paper.

If you don’t have a printer your local Fed Ex or UPS store (or similar) can print them for you for a couple bucks.

Once printed, frame, hang and enjoy!

I used one flamingo printable in our daughter’s bedroom (she’s now 6). It works perfectly in a gallery wall. the hardest part was choosing which one to use.

Oh So Lovely blog takes you on a toddler bedroom and play spaces home tour.

I also hung one flamingo print in the small gallery wall in the attic playroom…yes, we have a lot of playrooms in our house for our only child.

Oh So Lovely blog takes you on a toddler bedroom and play spaces home tour.


What do you think? Will you be printing any of these FREE flamingo printables?

Some people even use them for their desktop wallpaper or phone background. The possibilities are endless, and let’s be real. It’s hard for a pink flamingo not to bring a smile to ones face. Am I right? 🙂






  1. Hi Audrey, I’m using one of flaming for my pillows!Tomorrow I’ll recommending your printables on my blog.Thank you!

  2. hi, nice to meet you. im annettta carolina from indonesia, this printable so helping since i re-decorated my room. thanks full. (sorry if my english languange not well)

  3. I just came over from Sarah M. Dorsey's blog – these are PERFECT! I just moved into a sad little cube at work and I'm working on creating a mint/coral kind of theme to add some pretty. These are so perfect for my little space:) Thanks!!

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