As you might have seen in my instagram feed last weekend, we threw a flamingo themed birthday party for Vivienne, who is now two. We did a small, family only party, which was so nice!

She loves the color pink with a passion as well as flamingos (or “gingos” as she called them). So I figured it would make her super happy if I combined the two.

Over the last year I have been buying inexpensive flamingo items (straws, stirrers, drink coaster floats, you name it), so by the time her birthday rolled around I had everything I needed without feeling like I spent very much money at all. I also recycled quite a few items from last year’s party (large and small tissue poms, table runner, crape paper, etc.), and you better bet I’ll find a way to use them at the next party as well, ha.

I also designed and printed her invites, posters, etc. in the months leading up to the party. For me, doing these things ahead of time really saves time and stress later.



It was so fun to see Vivi’s eyes light up when she saw the party decor for the first time. 🙂

Here are some photos.




The flamingo floating coaster party favors were a hit!


I’ll be doing blog post very soon showing how I made this DIY balloon scape. stay tuned! 🙂



There’s a whole lotta pink going on here ha.


Vivi’s dada made this strawberry cake. She loved it. 🙂


I had a blast decorating this party, and spending some much needed quality time with our family.



Hope everyone’s having a fab week!


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