Join me on an honest holiday home tour of our fixer upper, why dontcha!

Living in a fixer is pretty annoying sometimes, especially during the holidays when you’re entertaining, and wanting the house to look its best. I made the best of what we have this year. 

Let’s go!

We’ll start in a corner of the kitchen renovation—the island. I absolutely love this culinary rosemary tree from ProFlowers. It’s so popular and sold out at the moment, but there are lots of other options here. It smells so good and is conveniently placed next to our gas range so Ted can use the fresh herbs as he cooks (mom of the year)! It’s our most useful and best smelling holiday decor item, and I highly recommend.

Holiday home tour

I love our photo statuette of Vivi from Mpix. I had to group it with my favorite little tree.

Here, we look into a small sitting room and my office nook. The walls still need to be painted and the trim replaced. The jankity parquet wood floors throughout the entire house will also be replaced. Lots more to do. Edgar could care less.

Holiday home tour

Now let’s turn a corner and visit the dining room.

We see a small tree first—because apparently, I believe that every corner needs a tree.

Holiday home tour

Please ignore the temporary lighting—I got really MacGyverish awhile back. We need to add some electrical to the ceiling.

In the distance, you can see “Vivi’s tree.” She decorated it mostly all by herself, and it has all of our fun, gaudy ornaments on it. We especially love our traditional dino tree topper (Sharp tooth from 1980’s Pizza Hut). That has been his home every winter ever since I met Ted. We have a thing for dinosaurs in this house.

I  love this real greenery candle ring from Trader Joe’s. It was only $4 and smells divine.  I sprinkled a little sparkly faux snow on it—Ted’s favorite. He should be thankful it’s not glitter.

Holiday home tour

Let’s turn to the left and take a peek at the weird red carpeted staircase leading to the attic/observatory/playroom (thank the laaawd this is the only carpet in the house). This is definitely the hottest mess of the tour. I’m not sure why I’m showing it or why I even bothered to hang the lit garland, but it is a surface that needed some festivity, I guess.

I keep items for future home updates here—ceiling fans, kitchen island pendants, a chandelier that I need to sell, a bag of crafts that needs to be put away, the paint that needs to be used on the tan wall, a backpack I need to donate, and a few other necessities. Hehe.


And back to Vivi’s tree we go.

Holiday home tour

Here’s she is a little closer, and from the entryway, which still needs to be painted white.

And obviously, we need new flooring in this area as well. Have you ever seen birch colored parquet floors? Me neither. I pulled up a layer of tile to get to this lovely layer, and there’s a linoleum layer underneath that we will need to deal with. The fun never ends up in huure!

Once again Edgar—not impressed.

Holiday home tour

Now let’s loop through the entryway.

I always do garland on the bannisters—kinda disguises the weird combination of hand rails…and parquet stairs (!!).

Holiday home tour

And here is my super gaudy entryway table.

We have lots of faux snow, gold sticks, garland, candles galore, small trees, and a sparkly moose. Pretty standard.

Holiday home tour

I was gonna photoshop out the dangling lights on the left of the table, but I got lazy.

Holiday home tour
Holiday home tour

And here’s the view from the lower living room.We need to scrape and refinish the beams to a natural wood. It should pop nicely off the future white walls.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with that heavy mirror. It’s been on the floor for a month or so. Kinda forgot about it, ha.

And how ’bout that pretty kitchen view to the left? Killin’ it!

Holiday home tour Let’s continue to the main living room, shall we?

Here’s a cropped in view of the room. I ran out of energy to hide all of the toys—cropping was definitely easier.

Holiday home tour

Yep, we still have the faces with eyes on our fireplace hiding behind the garland. I know, I know.

Holiday home tour

And here is another weird corner tree. I lost part of the base, so it is just propped up against the entertainment center. I was going to photoshop it straight, but again, laziness and honesty.

And that weird window thing above it? Oh, it used to be a mirrored and lit lizard cage display thing. We need to rip it out and turn it back into a regular wall. I wish we could just cover it with a painting, but nope.

Oops, I forgot to vacuum behind the chair.

Holiday home tour

And here’s my new flocked tree.

I love it! She sheds faux snow (yay, Ted) but she sure is pretty. I am on the hunt for a gold dinosaur topper. Maybe that will be my next DIY project.

When we downsize in the future this might be the only tree I keep. Anyone want the broken leaning tree? It’s yours!

Holiday home tour

Holiday home tour

I’m obsessed with this llama wrapping paper from Target. I’ll use it year-round.

Holiday home tour

Now, we visit Vivi’s “teepee play room“.

I put a pink sparkly tree in there for her. We turn it on and dance to Christmas music and have tea parties underneath it. It’s been a hit.

Don’t look too closely at my DIY floating ledge shelves. Once again, I got a little lazy and just wanted them done. They look decent from afar at least.

Holiday home tour

Oh, I almost forgot this last beauty. She sits in our kitchen and really coordinates with the wall, don’t you think?

Holiday home tour

And lastly….I have to mention. I’m a little perplexed because we used to have a small tree in our master bedroom, but I seriously don’t know where it went.

I searched for it for awhile today, but no luck. I wonder if Ted hid it? If I find it I’ll letcha know.

Well, that concludes the fixer upper holiday home tour (of truth)! I hope you enjoyed it.

I sincerely hope everyone has a wonderful and warm holiday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support over the years. Means the world to me.




  1. Thanks for keepin’ it real! It is beautiful to see what you have done with what you have and the beauty is everywhere. Gracias!

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