It’s been a little while since I’ve taken you on a tour of our weird little house, so let’s take a tour through Vivienne’s play rooms. Yes, rooms. It sometimes seems like she has more areas of the house than we do, ha. #OnlyChildPerks

When we moved in just over a year ago Vivi was in a crib in what is now called the “teepee room.” Here are a couple quick before photos of the space. It’s a small room, but packs some fun features including two Murphy beds, a window seat, an observatory, and a “secret passageway” to another play room/the attic.

When the time came for Vivi to move from the crib to a bed, we tried to introduce her to her Murphy beds in said teepee room. Those beds apparently scared her too much, so we made her DIY teepee into a bed, which worked for a couple of months.

A few Instagram shots:

Then she decided that she wanted to move into one of the guest rooms with a queen size bed. That is one comfortable bed—she’s a smart one. The guest room is decently cute for guests, but I still have some work to do to make it better for her. That’s a project and post for another day.

Back to the teepee room….

I finally finished my DIY ledge shelve project last weekend (tutorial to come). Those shelves were the missing piece to the room, which now I’m happy to say, is complete. Whoohoo!

Here are some after photos (click to enlarge):

I absolutely love the shelves, and how they tie the room together. We mostly used the same art from Vivi’s nursery on them, so this room makeover only cost me about $45 in paint and supplies. Boom!

One of my favorite decor pieces in the room is the gorgeous, handmade dreamcatcher created by Blair Bailey Design. Isn’t it lovely?! You have to check out her Etsy shop. It’s loaded with absolutely beautiful dreamcatchers in different style options like these…

Blair is so talented, and I had a very difficult time choosing just one dreamcatcher, but ours fits the room so well I think. Vivi and I absolutely love it!

I hung it in a couple different places in the room until I settled on a home. It looked cute in the window seat area, but it got a little lost back there, so I decided to move it to the shelf area. It’s one of the first things you see when entering the room.

On to the rest of the tour….

You might have noticed a bookshelf in the teepee room. Well that’s the “secret passageway” to the other playroom (aka our attic/observatory). It was there when we bought the house, and is the most fun feature in my opinion.


HOME TOUR  //  THE PLAY ROOMS, Oh So Lovely Blog
An older Instagram shot

We haven’t done anything to this room yet. It’ll need painted, and we’re thinking we might remove the observatory and stage area thingy ma bobber. It’s unique, but was added to the house in the 70’s-80s we think. Back when the trees weren’t towering over our house. If we used a telescope we wouldn’t see anything due to the trees and light pollution, so it’s pretty pointless. It also looks like a big white boob on the top of our house, ha!

Anyway…we use this attic room as a secondary play room and storage area. I made it look the best as I could for now.

And if you’re curious, here are a couple of shots of the observatory/stage area.

Home tour play rooms

Home tour play rooms
Old Instagram capture

And  here’s a random staircase that goes down to our entryway living room.

We’re currently using it as storage for projects we have going on right now – totally embarrassing, but it’s the truth. These objects also detour the dogs from going up and acting a fool in the attic (don’t ask). We still need to paint over the beige. It will match the current light grey that’s on  the wall downstairs. Also this is the only carpet in the house…and it’s red. Yikes!


So there you have it. Another tour in this crazy fixer upper we call home. Does anyone else have any weird or quirky details in your house that you’d like to share, ha?


2 thoughts on “HOME TOUR // THE PLAY ROOMS”

  1. I love both the teepee room and the observatory/attic! I totally hear you on how the observatory isn’t really useful and is possibly even an eyesore from the outside, but it’s such a unique feature…and I can imagine the fun your daughter has/will have exploring up there and pretending it is a variety of spaces. Little nooks and crannies like this are what make houses special, in my opinion. Oh and the bookshelf door leading to the attic is SO COOL! I’m jealous!

    I love the teepee/bed idea and those dreamcatchers are GORGEOUS.

    • Thank you, Amy! I totally agree with you, and we are on the fence with the observatory. We might try to sell i the next year or two. We’ll have to ask our realtor about it, haha! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment – have a great weekend!!

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