Our family had an amazing weekend—the perfect combination of no plans and getting stuff done around the house! We rewarded ourselves with some yummy Snappers, which were a HUGE hit!

Have you tried them yet? If not you have to! I’m not usually a huge sweets fan, but after trying these I think that’s changed. Uh oh! 🙂

Are you a Costco fan like me? Good news—Costco has their NEW 24oz Snappers Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Minis available throughout the Midwest. Don’t have a Costco in your area? No worries Snappers 3oz Minis are available at these locations.

Snappers Snack

As I mentioned, over the weekend we all had our own projects to do around the house. Ted worked on the kitchen and made some really good progress (we’re hoping to finally finish that big project this Spring), and I deep cleaned and organized the house. I also got some abstract painting time in as well. It was great!

In between projects on Saturday we met in the kitchen for some Snappers. This was Ted and Vivienne’s favorite part. It was so cute I had to snap a few photos. She kept asking if it was “break time” so she could have another, haha.

Snappers Snack

Snack break #2 came later, and it seemed like Vivi’s main concern in life was her next snack. It was super cute!

Snappers Snack

On Sunday Ted continued on with the kitchen project, and Vivi and I did some spring cleaning. She was quite the helper. We cleaned and organized her room, and as a reward for her help (and her promise to help keep the room clean) she got some more Snappers.

Snappers Snack

We took a break and enjoyed them together picnic style in her room.  She told me it was her favorite day, and that she always wanted me to keep Snappers in the house.  She likes that they are small and sweet like her. I kid you not, those were her exact words. How cute is that?

Snappers Snack

Snappers are a huge hit in our house, and I highly recommend them to you too! They’re a huge hit at parties and play dates.

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PPS. Here is a peek of Vivi enjoying a book in her clean room (I’ll be doing a complete before and after room tour on the blog later this week, so stay tuned for that. It includes a wall shelf unit install tutorial as well). 

Snappers Snack


**Disclaimer: Snappers provided product and compensation for this post. Opinions are 100% my own.**

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