I love a DIY photo booth!

It seems that they are fitting for almost any event nowadays. They always seem to draw a crowd and offer one more way for your guests to remember your event.

Ted and I built budget wedding photo booth for our $5,000 DIY wedding from scratch. It took some work, but we were happy with the results. We wanted a cheesy home sweet home booth with a few simple props and a few places for people to interact with the background.

The project cost us about $20 to build, but since my husband and I built the booth before I became a blogger, I don’t have a photo tutorial. Sorry!

All we did was bought a 4′ x 6′ piece of plywood from Home Depot and created an easel back using a 2 x 4 board cut in half so it sturdily stood up.

I visited my favorite thrift stores and went through our basement to find fun frames, chairs, wall decor and other props. 

I covered the plywood with tacky wallpaper and mismatched frames, then cut rectangles in the plywood so our guests can interact with the wall frames. 

We bought an instant photo printer so the photographer (who was a family friend helping us out for free) could instantly print a 4×6 color photo for each guest. The printing worked so well, the quality was great, and the guests loved waking away with an instant favor.

Update: We bought our epson instant color photo printer and paper 9 years ago for $130, but you can find some good options here.

The DIY photo booth was a hit and we are happy we had our booth…even happier that we did it for less than $200.

Below are a few photo booth photos from our wedding night.


You can view more photos from our $5,000 DIY wedding here.

Has anyone else ever made a DIY photo booth? I’d love to hear all about it!

P.S. Anyone wanting to have an economical photo booth at an upcoming party or wedding? One of my favorite blogs Oh Happy Day is offering some fun, free printable photo booth props. Click here for details directions and to download and print the props.


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