Affordable DIY photo booth ideas — perfect for parties, and weddings

Throwing a birthday party, shower or even a wedding? A DIY photo booth is a must!

If you’re like me and love to do it yourself and save some money along the way, a simple DIY photo booth might be for you. Below are 5 fun, unique and simple photo booth ideas to try at your next event.
Affordable DIY photo booth ideas — perfect for parties, and weddings
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1. Oversized Polaroid Photo Booth (Under $5)

Buy a sheet of white foam core from any craft store (at least 20″ x 30″ in size) and using a ruler and exacto blade, cut out a rectangle inside to simulate the shape of a polaroid photo. Add graphics or party details to the bottom for added personalization. If you want larger sheets of foam core you can buy them at Creative Cold Snow.

2. Pretty Fabric Photo Booth (Under $20)

Go to your local fabric store and pick up some pretty fabric (large enough to fit 2-4 people in front of. I love Sarah’s Fabrics in Lawrence. Simply hang it on your wall if indoors or to tree with rope if outdoors. If you want to save even more money, use a favorite sheet or shower curtain that you already have on hand.

3. Chalkboard Photo Booth (Under $40)

Buy some plywood in whatever size you need, and spray paint it with 2 coats chalkboard spray paint. You can draw a pretty background with chalk or let guests write their own messages on it.

4. Interactive Build Out Photo Booth (Under $50)

Buy a 4′ x 6′ piece of plywood and create an easel back using a 2 x 4 board cut in half so it sturdily stands up. Visit a favorite thrift store or go through your basement to find fun frames, chairs, wall decor and other props. I created this booth for my $5,000 DIY wedding.

I covered mine with tacky wallpaper and mismatched frames. Cut rectangles in the plywood so your guests can interact with the wall frames. Since my husband and I built the booth before I became a blogger, I don’t have a photo tutorial. Sorry!

5. Party Decor + Props Photo Booth (Under $5)

Simply use some balloons and crepe paper or party banners to create a festive backdrop for a kids party. You can use an existing wall or hang some fun wrapping paper for some color. Click here to print your own props!

For each of these photo booth set ups you can hire a photographer, let guests snap their own photos or take the photos yourself with a point and shoot camera in natural lighting. If you want to give the photos as a  favor at your event you can buy an easy to use instant printer for under $140.PS. Check out these adorable free printable photo booth props from Personal Creations!

What do you think of these Affordable DIY photo booth ideas? Cute huh?


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