Sometimes you just need a free wanderlust art printables to brighten your mood!

Every once in awhile I’m in a crappy mood for no reason. Thankfully those moods don’t stick around for long, but when they hit I like to look at something pretty or read a thoughtful quote to shift my thinking. I created a few prints that incorporate both the pretty and the thoughtful, and I wanted to share them with you incase they help you too.

I hung all three in my office at work and they were in instant mood lifter.

Take a look at the three options below!


The prints are 8×8 squares, but can be printed smaller than that if you wish. I always like to frame my prints in a matted frame. If you want to get the matted frame look for free, you can change the scale percentage on your printer and print the art smaller. Then cut the photo out leaving more than 3″ of white space all around the photo if you like the matted look..


Ready to save and print your free wanderlust art printables?

Click on the desired image(s) above (it’ll open large) and drag the image to your desktop (mac) or right click and save (pc) (you might have to “control” click to save it depending on your computer settings). Open and print it on a letter sized sheet of heavier, smooth card stock paper on your color printer, cut and frame.


These printables would work really well in a gallery wall setup. I love using matted frames and sometimes it’s a little tricky to find a good square frame. I’ve found some good options for you from Walmart and also from Michaels in case you’re on the hunt.


If you’re looking on some gallery wall inspiration and tips you might be interested in this blog post and possibly this one too.

I've been busy designing my FREE monogram art printables — there are 16 options in all letters A-Z! Download yours today!





  1. Hi Audrey,

    Your prints are super-awesome! A big thank you for what you do and share!

    I’m in love with these 3 prints, but there is an issue. The size i need for my frame is 29cm * 39cm. This is about 11 inches * 15 inches. So, they cannot be square. Is there any way i can make them fit my frame without loosing anything from this perfect work? I adore them as they are..
    Please help me if you can. I would be more than grateful!!

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi, Inessa! You’re welcome, thanks for stopping by. I planned on resizing these to fit your frames, but for the life of me I can’t find the original files anywhere. I think I lost them in a hard drive transfer. I would totally have resized them for you. I’m sorry I can’t help :/ I will keep looking for the files, and if I located them I’ll shoot you resized art. Thanks!

      • You are so kind and magical!!

        Thank you so much, i really hope you can find them. I would be super-duper grateful to you and your computer! Sending you rays of sunshine from Spain 😉 Please don’t break my heaaart 🙂

        My e-mail is: inessasun @ (without any spaces)

        Thaaaanks again!

    • Hello again. Actually could you give me your email address please? I resized these to fit the size you are needing from the non-native/uneditable files, I want to email them to you to see if they work for you. Thanks!

      • Hi Audrey,

        Sorry for disturbing you again, but i didn’t get them.. Can you please send them again? My e-mail is: [email protected]

        Thank you so much for what you’re doing!

        Kind Regards,

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