A Minted gallery wall and an updated entryway.

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I’m back with another IN PROGESS photo tour. As you probably already know, we bought a fixer upper, and have some big plans for this house. It needs a lot of work, but we’re making due with what we have for now!

Today I’ll be showing you what our entry way is looking like at the moment.

We haven’t done too much with it because we’re planning on knocking down a couple of walls to open up the kitchen to our upstairs living room and dining room. We don’t want to paint the walls until it’s all opened up, so we’re living with the beige for now.

We plan on painting the dark ceiling beams white to match all of the white ceiling detail in the other rooms. That’ll brighten it up a bit.

As you might have seen, I painted the front door a bright aqua (and updated our front porch), which really funned things up a bit.

To o add in even more color, I took a free wood frame my mom gave me, and spray painted it white leaving the brass lining (look for a future post on how I paint my gallery wall frames in the future).

I printed one of my free succulent printables at my local drugstore in a 16×20 size, and
popped it into the frame.

We’re going to remove the existing pendant light, and try to sell it on Craigslist. I want to replace it with the cool retro light that hung in Vivi’s old room.

The walls were definitely in need of some fun color and life.

If you know me at all, you know I love a Minted gallery wall. I have them throughout the house, and they just make me smile.
Well this one is one of my faves, and it features three of my gorgeous Minted prints.

I sure as heck hope you’ve all heard of Minted, the cutest print, stationery, holiday card, party invite, home decor, and art shop in all of the land.

All of Minted’s designs are created by independent artists from over 40 countries, making each piece unique to the online marketplace.  So good!

I seriously could spend two days straight shopping their site. I ordered seven prints recently—and I’m not kidding when I say I had 50 prints in my cart, haha— it was so hard narrowing them down, but I managed.

Click here to see the living room to the right in more detail. That red stair carpet HAS to go. The kitchen is to the left, and that will be it’s own blog post later. Lots to do there.

SHOP: “Day Breaking” Print (left) and “Best Thing” print (right).  
SHOP: “Interlude” Print.



I have a few other Minted prints that I plan on using in the entryway. Here’s a sneak peek. I can’t wait to mix them into a couple more gallery walls. LOVE ’em!

SHOP “Bright Ikat” print    


SHOP: “Stacks” print          


SHOP: “Right Kind of Crazy” print  


SHOP: Terrarium 2 Print      

Back to the tour…

I decided to paint the light aqua entry way table a dark charcoal color. Even though I love me some turquoise, I just don’t want a house full of it, ha. 

Right now the table showcases some of my fave Halloween decor, and I love the mood it evokes at night.


And here’s a view of the entryway and gallery wall from the main living room.

We’re going to remove and replace the tan hand rail.  Of course it’s in the Victorian style too—just not our thing.

We’re also planning on removing all of the parquet wood flooring (and entryway tile), and replacing it with wide planked wood flooring
throughout the entire house. That will be a big DIY in our future.

That concludes today’s tour. 🙂

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