I’ve been working hard to get my free 2019 printable calendars designed extra early this year since so many of you have reached out requesting them. I’m so pumped to announce that they are now ready!

I designed 46 design options in both Sunday and Monday start dates (Sunday starts are letter size and the Monday starts are A4 size). Yes, I know that is a super overwhelming amount, but I got on a roll and just couldn’t stop, ha!

I have one huge favor to ask of you. I spend about 100 hours designing these 100+ calendars each year completely free to you, and I’d be so very thankful if you’d sign up for my mailing list below.

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Download your free 2019 printable calendars here!

free 2019 printable calendars


Download your cute and free 2019 calendars here!

I hope there is something in there for everyone, and as always I provided a couple super minimal options as well.


Without further ado…’s a peek at all 46 free 2019 printable calendars before you go to download:

Monday start options are not shown, but are included in the download link.

Download your free calendars here!

A couple of changes to note this year:

  • I removed the notes section to make room for larger day boxes
  • I removed the USA national holidays since people all over the world use these calendars. 🙂

What I kept:

  • The mini calendars of previous and past months
  • The darker colored numbers

The only request I wasn’t able to get to was vertical formats so people can use them with their vertical clipboards…so sorry, but I did some research and they do sell some good horizontal clipboards.

I’m going to be buying one of these horizontal clipboards to use with my chosen calendar:

horizontal clipboard 1FREE 2019 PRINTABLE CALENDARS, Oh So Lovely Bloghorizontal clipboard 2FREE 2019 PRINTABLE CALENDARS, Oh So Lovely Bloghorizontal clipboard 3 / freestanding horizontal clipboardFREE 2019 PRINTABLE CALENDARS, Oh So Lovely Blog


free 2019 printable calendars

Some people like to download and print different free printable 2019 calendars and mix them together. I’ve done this before as well—lots of options this way.

I like to print a few calendars to use for various things—blogging scheduler, family calendar, workout tracker, etc. They also make great gifts for friends, teachers, etc.
I’d love to know how you use them!

Download your free 2019 printable calendars here!

I hope you find something you love, and as always, let me know in the comments if you have any requests for next year.



I know many of you are trying to stay motivated through those New Year’s resolutions! With that in mind, I thought I’d share these beautiful, printable to-do lists from Shutterfly. Whether it’s a small task or a long-term goal, writing things down can be a great motivator – not to mention how good it feels to cross off what you’ve accomplished.

Not only are the designs great but the lists cater to many needs and working styles. They include everything from a reno/home project task list to an hourly to-do list. There’s also a very cute printable for kids to keep track of their own homework and chores. I hope you all enjoy these and that they help you achieve an organized and productive year. Let me know which one’s your favorite!



Pin these free 2019 printable calendars for later

free 2019 printable calendars


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