I’ve been working so hard to get my free 2020 printable calendars designed even earlier this year since so many of you have reached out requesting them.

I’m so excited to announce that they’re now available. Hooray!

I designed 51 design options in both Sunday and Monday start dates (Sunday starts are letter size and the Monday starts are A4 size). I know I’m offering a very overwhelming amount, but I always get on a roll and just couldn’t stop, ha!

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I have one huge favor to ask of you. I spend about 100 hours designing these 100+ calendars each year completely free to you, and I’d be so very thankful if you’d sign up for my mailing list below.

I only send my email newsletters occasionally, so I promise not to annoy you. And a perk—you’ll receive my subscriber-only freebies!

Free 2020 printable calendars - 51 designs to choose from!

And finally…..here’s a peek at all 51 free 2020 printable calendars before you go to download:

Monday start options are not shown, but are included in the download link.

I hope you find something you love, and as always I provided a couple super clean and minimal options as well.

Download your colorful, cute and free 2020 calendars here!

Ready for 75 FREE 2021 calendars yet? I have them all available here.

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I wanted to share download instructions for those who need it:

Click this link, which takes you to a Dropbox folder:
Download your cue and free 2020 printable calendars!

Ready for 75 FREE 2021 calendars yet? I have them all available here.

  1. Click on either “Monday start” or “Sunday start,” which opens another folder where you can peruse the options available.
  2. Scroll to view all calendar options, then click on your favorite.
  3. Your calendar will open up large. Click “Download” in the top right corner, then “Direct Download” to save directly to your computer.
  4. Locate your download on your computer and open the PDF.
  5. Print the PDF fit to page on your letter size or A4 paper. I recommend printing these on a heavier, smooth card stock paper.

A couple of changes to note this year:

  • I added the notes section back in since so many of you requested it.
  • I didn’t add holidays since people all over the world use these calendars. Here is a good link to all global holidays that you can write in yourself.

What I kept:

  • The mini calendars of previous and past months
  • The darker colored numbers

The only request I wasn’t able to get to was vertical formats so people can use them with their vertical clipboards (I’m sorry!), but I did some research and they do sell some good horizontal clipboards.

I’m going to be buying one of these horizontal clipboards to use with my chosen calendar:

horizontal clipboard 1horizontal clipboard 2horizontal clipboard 3 / freestanding horizontal clipboard

Some people like to download and print different calendars and mix them together. I’ve done this before as well—lots of options this way.

I usually print a few calendars to use for various things—blogging scheduler, family calendar, workout tracker, etc. They also make great gifts for friends, teachers, etc. I’d love to know how you use them—please show me via InstaTwitter, or Facebook photos. And I’m always so very grateful when you Pin my work as well.

Download your free calendars here!

I hope you find some calendars that you love, but please let me know in the comments if you have any requests for next year. I try to accommodate them whenever possible.


Free 2021 calendars — 75 beautiful designs to choose from!

Pin these free 2020 printable calendars for later

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I save them here in case you want to peruse the latest month.

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  1. Thank you so much for this. I’ve downloaded 2019 and 2020. I’ll link to you when I share with my blog how I’m using them. I really appreciate it. I was about to try to create something and I said surely I can find some templates online. I hit the jackpot. I’ve subscribed to your newsletter. It didn’t work within this post, I signed up through your header.

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