Are you an Elf on the Shelf parent? As you probably already know, Elf on the Shelf is a fun and long-standing Christmastime tradition, but not one that comes without a serious amount of pressure and competition. You know what I’m talking about—the clock strikes midnight on Thanksgiving and suddenly all my parent friends on Facebook are secretly ‘competing’ for the Most Clever Mom Award for the nightly scenes they scheme up for their Elf after the kids go to bed.

But for a giant portion of parents, this is too much. Too overwhelming. The thought of creatively making a tiny elf scene after a long day of work just makes us want to cry. Enter the best holiday idea I’ve seen in a really long time…..Elf Made Easy by Fête Box.

Made locally in Kansas City by my good friend, Maddie, a Mompreneur, this idea takes ALL of the stress out of Elf on the Shelf so you can reclaim your evenings and ditch the unnecessary Mom stress. When you purchase an Elf Made Easy box you will receive one tidy shipment that is stuffed to the brim with 29 scenes/days of activities to set up, a parent handbook to guide you through the month, a personalized welcome letter, personalized elf scorecards (think, like a silly grade card the elf leaves behind to tell your child how he/she was during his stay), and so much more!

One of the best parts of the box is that it really focuses on a wide variety of scenes and activities. It’s not just a box of more stuff to keep track of. It uses elf-delivered “Kindness Cards” that give your child a simple task of kindness to complete during their day. It provides you with a variety of activities and crafts that can also double as adorable keepsakes or even gifts for Grandparents/Teachers/Friends.

What do ya think? Are you already exhausted just thinking about 29 days of trying to remember to “move the elf”? I highly recommend you let Fête Box handle the hassle for you. Order your Elf Made Easy today!

*** Fête Box is giving away one free Elf Made Easy box to one lucky reader. The contest runs from today (11/15) through Friday (11/18). Enter below!  Already ordered your box? No problem. Fête Box will refund the purchase of the box for the person who wins the contest.**



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