Are you looking for some kids craft projects to entertain your kids now that school is out? I’ve got you covered!

This summer looks quite a bit different for us with no summer camp and me working from home while also serving as the caregiver during the daytime hours.

Even though it’s super easy to rely on the ipad and other devices to entertain our almost seven-year-old while I’m working, we’re really trying to focus on limiting screen time.

I’ve rounded up 11 easy and affordable kids craft projects to entertain her and foster her creativity over the summer.

1. Rock cactus

DIY rock cactus tutorial

This craft project is by far the easiest ever. All you have to do is gather some rocks, acrylic paint, flower pots, mini rocks, and get creative.

Simply paint cactus patterns on the rocks for a fun, upcycled project that adds some instant personality to any kids space.

This project used only items we had on hand!

2. Flamingo ring toss yard game

Audrey Kuether of Oh So Lovely shares a super fun and extremely easy DIY flamingo ring toss yard game tutorial—perfect for spring and summer!

Yard games are always such a hit with kids, so I came up with the easiest option: DIY flamingo ring toss.

It’s super affordable, only requires a few supplies, and takes less than five minutes to set up. Win-win!

Choose a nice open spot in your yard, and stick the flamingo legs in deep enough to prevent the flamingo to fall over. You can add them randomly in a group. That’s it—I told you it was laughably easy!

Best part: If you don’t have a yard you could get some terra cotta pots and paint them in fun colors. Just add in some dirt or sand and stick the flamingos in each pot.

3. Flamingo snow globes

DIY flamingo snow globe

While we’re on the subject of flamingos, I have another fun project — DIY flamingo snow globes!

This is one of our favorite projects ever and we’ve made tons of them together and have given them out as gifts. People love them!

With only a few supplies, these snow globes are much easier to make than most people expect, and they’re very affordable.

You can substitute any small toy or figurine that your kid is into if flamingos aren’t their thing.

4. Life-size Kerplunk yard game

Audrey Kuether of Oh So Lovely shares a life size DIY Kerplunk yard game tutorial—perfect for outdoor entertaining!

Summer, for us is all about being outside and playing in the yard. We all know that kids can get bored pretty easily, but I’ve found that yard games can really keep them entertained for hours!

Vivienne and I made a DIY life-size Kerplunk game last year that’s still a big hit on summer days. It’s quick and easy to set it up, and the neighbors love to join in too!

5. Marbled clay dishes

These 11 kids craft projects are sure to entertain your kids over summer break — fun, creative, easy,  and affordable ideas to inspire parents!

These fun, marbled clay mini dishes are a fun way to store all sorts of items from kid jewely, hair ties, or really anything.

This project is super easy—a perfect one to do with your kiddos. I love the fun pop of color it adds to any space!

6. Tic-tac-toe board

Audrey of Oh So Lovely Blog shares a DIY tic tac toe board tutorial that is super easy and fun to make—perfect for gift giving!

In our house we love playing tic tac toe together, so a handmade game board makes perfect sense.

Making this game board is very easy, and it’s a great way to entertain kids. I laid down a drop cloth and provided some store bought wood pieces, acrylic paint, and brushes.

7. Summery planter pots

Audrey of Oh So Lovely Blog shows just how easy it is to make some affordable DIY summery planter pots perfect for your summer home decor, hostess gifts, you name it.

Painting and decorating a flower pot is one of the easiest kid projects ever.

Vivienne helped me make these last summer and she was so proud of them once they were finished. She made the pineapple planter all by herself and ended up gifting it to her adopted grandma Sandy at a local nursing home.

This type of project is great because it combines creativity and gardening.

8. Toy animal photo holder

DIY animal photo holder

Vivi and I I loved turning inexpensive dollar store toy animals into these cute photo holders. She has them all over her room displaying photos and memories.

A little spray paint goes a long way in this project and adds so much personality to any space.

9. Toy animal jars

DIY toy animal planter tutorial
These 11 kids craft projects are sure to entertain your kids over summer break — fun, creative, easy,  and affordable ideas to inspire parents!

You can buy mini toy animals at most dollar stores in bulk, and they’re widely available online.

I gathered a handful of glass jars that we already had on hand, super glued the animals to the top, and then sprayed them and the lid for this fun storage solution.

We made these years ago and still use them all to this day. I highly recommend this project!

10. Stick wall hanging

These 11 kids craft projects are sure to entertain your kids over summer break — fun, creative, easy,  and affordable ideas to inspire parents!

Nearly everyone has some sticks laying around the yard or in the neighborhood. Why not take some acrylic paint and some string to make some unique wall art.

Vivienne helped me paint designs on all the sticks in coordinating colors, and we strung them up to make a fun wall hanging.

This would look amazing in any kid space from a bedroom to a playroom. I actually have ours above our bar cart in our dining room, ha!

11. Back to school teacher gifts

Are you looking for as easy and affordable DIY back to school teacher gift idea? You'll want to try this tin can pencil-look flower pot and pen cup!

The perfect projects to make toward the end of summer are DIY back to school teacher gifts, and I have a fun one for you made out of upcycled tin cans!  

With some paint and creativity you can turn a basic tin ban into a flower pot or pencil holder pretty easily. This is such an easy craft for kids!

We plan on giving one to Vivi’s teacher on the first day of school!

I hope these 11 kids craft projects have given you some fun ideas and inspiration to entertain your kids over summer break.

You might even find that these projects can be enjoyable for parents too!

I’m so happy I have chosen to involve Vivienne in my DIY projects since she was little. She’s always so proud of her creations and has learned so much over the years.  She’s even gotten to join me on quite a few live TV segments over the years, which is so exciting for both of us.

If you choose to make any of these projects, I’d love to see the end result. Just tag me in your  InstagramTwitter, or Facebook photos and I’ll share them.


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