Last fall I made a super easy DIY rock cactus. It turned out really cute and best part—cost me nothing because I had all supplies already on hand.

DIY rock cactus tutorial

I forgot to blog about it, so here I am six months later with the full tutorial…finally.

DIY rock cactus tutorialI gathered my supplies
– 5-10 larger river rocks
Green acrylic paint (2-3 different shades)
– Paint brushes
White paint marker
– Plant pot
– Handful of used plastic grocery sacks (not shown)
Small river rock

– Faux pink flower(s)
– Hot glue gun
– Pink acrylic paint and a faux flower in any color

I started by painting the rocks with two quick coats of the green paint (my toddler even got into the action). I decided to do three different cactus “plants” at the same time, so you might need to paint more or less rocks depending on how many plants you wanna make. I did most of them in a solid color, but decided to paint stripes on a couple.

DIY rock cactus tutorial

Ignore the disgusting linoleum floor…we were/are in the middle of a kitchen reno, so we decided to paint on the kitchen flooring since it was all getting removed that week.

Once the rocks were dry I laid them all out together and then started to divide them up into different DIY rock cactus “plants”.

DIY rock cactus tutorial
I took my white sharpie pen and drew some cactus-like patterns on them. Stars and polka dots seemed to work best for me.

DIY rock cactus tutorial

DIY rock cactus tutorial
DIY rock cactus tutorial

Once the white paint quickly dried, I took my pots and stuffed the bottoms with handfuls of plastic grocery bags.

This fills up the space and lets you get away with only using a handful of small river rock on the tops in each pot. It also keeps the cactus lightweight.

DIY rock cactus tutorial

I began to layer the rocks into the pots until I was happy with their placement.

DIY rock cactus tutorial

DIY rock cactus tutorial

DIY rock cactus tutorial

And here is how two of the DIY rock cactus plants looked.

DIY rock cactus tutorial

I decided that the simple single cactus needed a pink flower and that the both pots needed a paint dipped look, so I painted a two faux flowers that I found around the house pink and taped off the pots and painted them as well.

I hot glued the flower to two of my cactus plants, and bam…I had my very own DIY cactus rock garden.

DIY rock cactus tutorial
What do you think? Will you give it a try? The results are super cute.

I have mine placed in my home office nook, and they bring a pop of color to my day.