I’m beyond excited to be working with Woodgrain to replace all the interior doors in our fixer upper.

In this post I’m going to tell you all about Woodgrain doors and why we’re looking forward to using them in our house!

Edit: Here is the part two blog post showing the before and afters.

We bought our fixer upper almost six years ago, and have updated practically every single nook and cranny. We have yet to update the old, flimsy interior doors. 14 flimsy doors to be exact.

Our doors are one of very least favorite things in the house, so you can imagine just how excited we are that the time has finally come to replace them.

Here’s an example….see what I mean?! And of course all the door hardware is all mismatched throughout the house.

Bedroom and playroom doors
Master bedroom door

Why we chose Woodgrain interior doors

I first discovered Woodgrain more than a year ago when I learned that they were going to be at Haven Conference 2019, which I was planning on attending.

I checked out their website and fell in love with their products — especially their interior and exterior doors! They make the highest quality wood mouldings, doors, and windows.

I knew I had to find a way to get their doors into my house. I was determined and even told my husband that was going to happen, someday ha!

Gorgeous doors and moulding! Photo credits: Woodgrain
My dream exterior door! photo credit: Woodgrain

While at the conference, the Woodgrain booth was the very first one I visited. I met Lauren and Tanner and they showed me so many door and trim options and talked about what sets them apart.

After the meeting, I was even more impressed and even more determined to own their doors. I even had a photo of me taken in the booth like a total fan girl. 🙂

Fast forward a few months, and somehow I was on a phone call with Woodgrain working out the details of how we can work together.

I was so excited to hear that my dream of replacing our interior doors was actually going to happen. I was giddy for a straight week, ha!

The door ordering process

Ordering the doors was easy and straightforward. The hardest part was choosing from the thousands of beautiful options.

Woodgrain provided me a simple PDF form, which I filled out with our choices and emailed. I’m sharing our exact choices in case it’s helpful to anyone who might be considering new doors.

As you can see Woodgrain makes so many different types of doors — they have something for everyone’s taste.

It was tough for us to decide, but we fell in love with the classic modern and clean look of the four panel shaker style door.

We also chose to go with a pre-primed primed MDF, which is so heavy duty, and double the weight of our existing doors. We chose this option because we knew we wanted to paint our doors.

Along with this form, I also provided a separate sheet that had all the different door dimensions listed on them. I love how completely custom our doors are!

After the forms were emailed and everything was confirmed, all I had to do was sit back and wait for them to arrive.

The doors arrived a couple months later on a large pallet, which was packed very securely. We had them delivered to a friend’s loading dock and paid a Bungii driver $60 to get them to our house. It was a seamless delivery.

Woodgrain even brands their protective packaging. They do it right!

The doors are being stored in our heated and cooled garage right now. But we are moving them into the house to store flat and to avoid any excess humidity issues.

The plan — what we’ve done

Now it’s time to share our big plans for our doors! I’ll start with what we’ve already done.

The paint was chosen and purchased, and is a dupe of Behr Gallery White, but we’re using Valspar paint in a semigloss finish. We were in between white and grey paint, but ended up going with white since it’s so classic and bright.

Wagner was kind enough to send us a Flexio paint sprayer, which I’m so excited to use and know it will give the doors a perfectly smooth painted finish.

We chose and purchased our gorgeous Schlage brushed brass hardware from Build.com. They were a bit of a splurge, but I am absolutely in love with them. I mocked them up, of course. 🙂

Next we bought half privacy (locking) hardware for bedrooms and bathrooms and half passage (non-locking) hardware for closets.

The doors don’t come pre-drilled, so Ted purchased a few semi-affordable tools to help drill the holes for the hardware and a tool to aid in hinge installation.

Ted also bought a few more tools — a wood planer to trim down the doors when needed, a palm router for the hinges, and a door lock installation kit.

He found affordable heavy duty brushed brass hinges in packs of 12, and they match our hardware perfectly. Major score!

Here’s a look at most of the supplies we’ve gathered and purchased for the project.

The plan — what we still have left

Over the next couple months Ted and I have the following left to do.

We’ll paint all the doors ASAP with our Wagner paint sprayer.

Door templating. We’ll need to remove each of the existing doors one at a time and bring them down to the garage to template. We do this by stacking the old door on top of the new door so we can mark where the previous hardware went. So far we have templated one door for a guest room.

We’re doing this so that we can use our existing door jambs, which are already cut and drilled for the latches and hinges.

We ensured that the top door is perfectly flush with the bottom (new) door and then Ted traced the hole onto the new door with a pen.

From here he can use his door lock installation kit tool to line up the cuts and drill all the holes.

Hardware hole drilling. After the doors are marked up, we’ll drill each hole onto the new doors.

And finally we’ll install each door throughout the house, which will most likely take us a month or more due to our full-time work schedules.

We are so very fortunate to still have our jobs and the ability to work from home. Our hearts go out to those who aren’t as lucky.

This video is very helpful in showing the best way to paint the our Woodgrain doors using our sprayer.

Wanna learn more about why I love Woodgrain?

Woodgrain has more than 65 years of quality craftsmanship and service as one of the largest millwork operations in the world with locations all around the United States and Chile.

They make the highest quality wood mouldings, doors, and windows. Woodgrain’s strength comes from being vertically integrated. This allows them to oversee each step of the supply chain. From owning the forest and cutting the timber in our state-of-the-art sawmills to production in our network of manufacturing facilities and delivery of goods with their strategic distribution network. Woodgrain is proud to be family owned and operated, with the 3rd generation leading the way.

If you’re on the hunt for quality, I highly recommend Woodgrain interior doors!

I’ll be back in the summer with all the in process and after photos!

Edit: Here is the part two blog post showing the before and afters.

This post is sponsored in kind by Woodgrain—meaning I am being compensated in product— but all thoughts, opinions and selections are 100% my own.

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