I just recently discovered Kukun, and just had to explore to see just what they’re all about.

Have you heard of it? 

It’s a platform that helps homeowners navigate the remodeling process. They provide the inspiration, information, and tools needed to create a personalized home and finish projects on time, within budget. 

Sounds pretty cool, right? Watch to learn more.

  • Kukun is the first platform that arms home remodelers with online tools.  
  • Kukun features a sophisticated estimation feature with 29 project types to choose from
  • Projected Home Value is a cool and nifty tool that helps you determine how different renovation projects alter the value of your home using historical data in your neighborhood
  • With Quote Request, you can import the information from your project used to create your cost estimate, attach pictures, and then share with professionals and friends
  • Kukun’s platform is patent pending
  • They promise to unveil more features in the coming months, which will continue their mission of making home renovation simple and transparent

As you know, we’re mostly DIYers, but every once in awhile we need to call in the pros to do a project for us.

We’d really love to have some beautiful new kitchen countertops professionally installed in our DIY kitchen (to replace the concrete coated countertops we currently have) as well as a cool, new faucet.

I used using the Kukun estimator to get the project started. It was super easy to use, and let me choose my desired level of finish (good, better, best). 

Here are the estimated project costs for a kitchen update (new countertops, hardware, faucet, etc):

Kakun also lets you create a request for proposal from vendors. It takes all of the guess work out of the process, and helps keep everything organized. All you do is fill out a form, and from there in the app you can email it straight to vendors for bids. Love how seamless that step is!

Another super cool feature is the Projected Home Value tool, which uses a patent-pending algorithm to help users estimate the additional equity built into a home through various renovation projects. The algorithm employs historical and geographic data, as well as economical conditions and other indexes to estimate additional equity. It’s nice to see how much you might get out of what you put into a renovation.

And since I was having so much fun with the estimator, I added a half bath update to to my estimates out of curiosity. Not too shabby!

Do you have some home improvement projects in your future (who doesn’t, right)?

Want to take the guesswork out of the entire process? 

Then click here to go go the FREE estimator (all you need to get started is your zip code).
The estimator tool helps you figure out the cost of your renovation, easily generate RFQs with Quote Request, hire a reputable professional, and manage scheduling, tasks, and milestones.

Pretty amazing, right?

Check out their fresh new website.  Next, explore their photo gallery and articles, use the handy estimator feature to discover how much it will cost to create your dream space.
You can even post the before and after photos in their forum

What do ya think? Want even more info? Head over to their blog.

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