Sorry for the silence over here, but we’ve been working ourselves into zombie-like exhaustion lately trying to get our house ready to sell this Friday (with an open house on Sunday – yikes).

We’re so weirded out to be selling the home that we love (and have updated with love by ourselves over the last five years). See the photo home tour here, and look for the bathroom before and after early next week.  But we’re taking a different approach to life these days.

We want to put our profits from this house down on a nice downsized home in a more walkable area (closer to downtown – goodbye 2 hour commute). We just want a more simple life. Saving more, traveling more, retiring early, kissing our “hamster wheel” lives goodbye, and living completely debt free in the next 5-8 years and beyond just sounds amazing to us.

We’ve been exploring our options since Christmastime, and have looked at building (modern prefab) or buying in Colorado, then Austin, then a few other locations, but we finally decided to stay in KC. We feel good about our decision. It just makes the most sense for us financially and as a family.

We want a smaller house with character that we can update ourselves. The hunt in on.

So anyhow, that’s what’s going on with us these days…along with mothering our toddler, my full-time job, and handful of part-time jobs, I feel half dead, haha. I’ll survive though, I suppose. 🙂

Here’s a small photo recap of some of our weekend projects:

I carried about 100 rocks from our back yard to the front to add to the landscaping that I did last week, and added mulch and more flowers.

Ted’s in the process of tiling our master bath. So close! This is the only project I “assigned” to him. 🙂

And (not shown) here are some of the other projects I knocked out last weekend…

+ Finished painting the trim in two guest rooms and the Jack and Jill bath (all builders grade oak is finally gone!!)

+ Cleaned and staged two guest rooms, the hallway, deck, basement, Vivi’s nursery, 3 baths, the office, closets, etc.

+ Touched up paint throughout the house

+ Landscaped the back yard

Sadly I still have 8,174 other things to do and clean before our Thursday Realtor showing/pricing, but it’ll all happen.

Thanks for your patience. Hopefully I’ll be back in full force next week…assuming we don’t sell too quickly and have to live on the street with no internet in this crazy sellers’ market. 😀



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