Wild and free printables — decorate your kid’s room walls on a budget!

I’ve been designing prints for Vivi’s new bedroom in the spare few minutes I can find here and there – we move in less than 2 weeks – yikes!

I’m still trying to figure out the “theme” for her new room. I use theme loosely as I am more into a nicely styled space with fun pops, but I need something to guide me.

As you’ve already seen, her DIY teepee is one of her fave things, so I’ll be keeping that around for sure. I figure I’ll play off of it with an adventure theme – similar to her first birthday party.

I’ll also be pulling items from her current room design (you better believe we’re taking that modern light fixture with us!).

The room that we’ll put her in in the new house has two twin murphy beds already set up in between a cute little window seat. And there’s a secret passage way door from that room to the observatory and play room with lots of storage. How strange is that?  I love it.

I’m seeing some fun slumber parties in her future. It just screams little girl’s room to me!

Here’s a realtor photo of the before photos (I cannot wait to get in there on moving day and take all of the before photos – which I’ll be sharing as we update the home, so stay tuned).

So much potential! Knowing me, it’ll get done within the first week or two of moving in. I want her to be excited about it, and for it to feel like home as quickly as possible.

2019 Update: See the photos of Vivi’s updated spaces here.

Oh, and about those wild and free printables I’ve been working on—I’m sharing two of them with you today if you’re interested.


Download your freebies here!

Hope you all have a great rest of your week!