Once again I am teaming up with Katie over at Life is Made with Katie Miles!

We are spending the month of March upcycling unused items in our houses into usable items. So fun!

My latest project resulted in a DIY set of 3 hurricanes for less than $5 total.

As most of you know hurricanes can be used for anything – wedding centerpieces, dining room table decor, you name it. They can also very expensive, but not if you upcycle yours like I did.

After rummaging through my basement I found 3 metal candle sticks (in varying sizes) that used to belong to my great grandma (these can also be found at your local thrift store), 3 tall dollar tree glass vases that we used as part of the candy bar at our DIY wedding back in 2010 and tons of spray paint in various colors (of course).  🙂


It was obvious to me what I could do with these items – DIY HURRICANES!

First I spray painted the candle sticks and allowed to dry. I am really into brushed gold and champagne colors at the moment and had that color on hand, so it was the easy choice.

After placing the glass on top of the dry candle stick to see what it would look like, I realized that it needed something else. I decided immediately that the glass needed to have the “dipped” look.

To get this dipped look I gathered 3 sheets of letter sized paper and my painters tape and quickly taped off the areas of the vases that I didn’t want exposed to the spray paint (FYI – one sheet of letter sized paper fit perfectly around each of these vases)!

DIY // UPCYCLE MARCH: DIY HURRICANE SET FOR $5, Oh So Lovely Blog After the paint dried, I removed the tape and paper which exposed a nice, clean line. All I had left to do was epoxy glue the glass vase to the candle stick (following the package directions).  DIY // UPCYCLE MARCH: DIY HURRICANE SET FOR $5, Oh So Lovely Blog After the epoxy dried I placed a pillar candle inside each of the 3 tiered hurricanes and voilà, my hurricanes were complete!



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