Casper and I created a combined list of our favorite six essentials for a welcoming home. These items are sure to turn any space into comfortable and cozy oasis.

We’ve all moved into an empty place and been a little overwhelmed with everything that needs to be setup, installed, and moved. And I don’t know about you, but I never feel at home anywhere until I add my favorite personal items.

Here’s the list that we put together.

Six essentials welcoming home

And here’s a mood board I created featuring some of my favorite pieces that would make any home feel welcoming.

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Six essentials welcoming home
Sources: rug / art print 1 / art print 2 / throw /art print 3 / candles / navy pillow / grey pillow / turquoise pillow / dotty pillow / pink pillow / fig basket


The perfect rug is always the hardest to find in my experience, so I always start with a fun rug and the build a room from there. Artwork and pillows usually come next for me. I love the color and personality that they can bring into a home at a minimal cost

I ALWAYS have candles burning in our home—they just make me happy and smell so good. Another must-have for me is a cozy throw for the couch, which can really soften up a space and break up the harsh lines of furniture.

And no room is complete without some fresh green plants. They always tie a room together for me and bring in some much-needed life.

See anything on the list you agree with? Have anything to add to these six essentials to a welcoming home?

And we all know that the bedroom is a super important essential of a home because no home is complete without a comfortable place to sleep. We have a waaay too old king sized mattress that we’re hoping to replace soon.

We’re on the hunt for the perfect mattress now, and are definitely considering trying  Casper. Anyone else out there have one? Any tips?

Casper didn’t compensate me for this post. We are truly interested in the product. I’ve heard such great things about them. Does anyone else out there have a Casper mattress? I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


Six essentials welcoming home


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