I recently got cool old chair that used to belong to my Great Aunt Elsie. It looked good in red, but it the leather was very worn.


This afternoon I decided to do a 5 minute recover with some fabric that I already had. All you need is a staple gun.

First unscrew the seat, cut your fabric to be at least 6″ wider than the chair and wrap it tightly around the seat. Staple around the edge while holding it tightly around the edges to keep the fabric smooth.


The back of the chair was not removable, so I tightly wrapped the fabric around the back and stapled it mostly in the back and a couple of places in the front while holding it tightly in place.

On a day when I have more patience I am going to remove the back fabric and remove the brads that are currently on the chair and reuse them with my new fabric. 🙂

Now we have a cute, updated, comfortable porch chair.



2 thoughts on “DIY // RECOVER AN OLD CHAIR”

  1. Love it! My grandma has some old chairs that I wanted to redo, but just wasn't sure how. I think I may have to try this out!

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