I am an interior design nerd. I just love designing a room from scratch and on a budget (of course).

Now that we know we are having a baby girl, I have set the wheels in motion on the nursery. So far I have only sketched out a couple of ideas, but am excited to get started for real.

I love the post-modern/retro look and definitely want to go that route.

Here are the pieces we currently have to work with:




And here are the ideas I pulled together:

I cant decide which one I like best. I love the gold accented one, but feel like the pops of coral option might be more fun for a baby girl. I think I will find a way to merge them both together.

Oh and my goal is to pull it all off for less than $300. I think I can do it.

Things I plan to make or repurpose:
Custom curtains, some pillows, most of the wall art and frames, mobile, side table, other small decor items, wall shelving for books (not shown), toy box, and whatever else I can think to add without making it too busy.

I am open to hearing your opinions if you have any. 🙂

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