After a visit to my parent’s house awhile back, I came home with some items from my childhood (they are in purging mode).

One of the items was this light fixture that they bought for me in 8th grade. I just loved this thing back in the day!
It has been sitting in our garage for months, and I have been wanting to clean it up and spray paint it with the hopes of replacing one of the guest room lights with it.

Our current guest room light is the dreaded “boob light” and needs to be switched out STAT.
So last weekend I finally spray painted it. After a couple of coats of metallic gold-toned
primer and a couple of coats of turquoise spray paint I ended up with this…
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And this…

I think I like it turquoise, but am wondering if I should have maybe painted the outsides the same metallic gold as well. I am kind of obsessed with gold (and white) tones right now … especially after just finishing the nursery.I am going to think on it for a couple of days before we hang it.PS. I don’t have a photo of the guest room that this will go in at the moment as it is in need of new wall and trim paint, but the decor/bedding colors are mostly turquoise, limes and browns.
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