DIY marbled flower pots

I saw a cool DIY marbling technique using nail polish forever ago, and I couldn’t wait to try it for myself. Yesterday I finally got my chance.

I also decided to shoot some quick video of the process—since my goal of 2015 (yes, I’m a year late) was to get my YouTube channel going.  Well, I set it up, and never did anything with it.  I know  basics of video shooting and editing, but just hadn’t had the time to put those skills to use. I decided that yesterday was the day.

You can watch the quick video or scroll past for the step-by-step photo tutorial. I apologize for not shooting the video from above. Next time I’ll use my tripod for a better view (newbie probs). 🙂

Grab your supplies

+ Disposable bowl of lukewarm water
+ Inexpensive nail polish in different colors
+ Flower pots (or whatever else you want to use)
+ Flowers/Plants (or other filler)

DIY nail polish marbling tutorial

Note: I started out with a larger container of cold water (as seen above). After some testing, I found that the cold water set the polish to quickly, and didn’t work very well at all. I started to stress that I was experiencing a real “Pinterest Fail,” so I started over with a smaller bowl of lukewarm water. It worked much better, and I was back on track, ha. 

Choose 2-3 polishes in your preferred colors, and one at a time, pour into the bowl of water. Use more than you would expect.

Next, take your pot and start dragging it through the mixture. Unlike me, You might want to wear gloves. I regretted taking mine off, and was left with crazy polish hands afterward.

Roll the pot around in the water until you use up the polish floating on top. One coat most likely wont cover the whole pot, so keep repeating the steps until the whole pot is covered to your liking. As the layers pile on it creates a cool effect.

DIY nail polish marbling tutorial

Keep repeating this process with more pots until you’re happy.

I ended up doing five DIY marbled flower pots, and am really digging the results. I think I’ll leave one on each of our neighbor’s doorsteps with a little note in celebration of spring.

I’ll be keeping a couple for myself too, of course. 🙂


DIY tutorial on marble flower pots with nail polish

You can also experiment with other items to see how they turn out. If you do you HAVE to tag me on Instagram so I can see the results.



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