Here is a photo of our living room when we moved in about 3 years ago:




Not that great, but not as bad as many of the other wallpapered rooms.

All we did to this room was painted the trim, removed the dated blinds and replace with curtains,  painted the fireplace a creamy white (Behr, lunar light) and replaced the carpet. We added our existing furniture and accessories.






If you are interested, you can see a few of our other home improvement projects here:
Other home updates:
+ New roof added April 2013
+ New stair carpet added October 2012
+ New living room, dining room, hallway and nursery carpet added December 2012
+ Painted all trim white
+ Painted fireplace white
+ Added fence in back yard
+ Added landscaping
Still on our list:
+ Tile master bath
+ Tile jack and jill bath
+ Recarpet master and 2 guest rooms
+ Backyard and deck overhaul
+ Retile laundry room
+ Paint exterior
+ Eventually finish basement

7 thoughts on “DIY // LIVING ROOM”

  1. Hi, love your room makeovers, they all look fabulous! Did you remove all the trim from the wall before you painted it, or did you paint it while it was still attached? And how is the paint on the kitchen cabinets holding up? I want to do the same thing and would love to not have to sand them all first! Thanks!

    • Sorry Last May I forgot to click reply and accidentally left my comment in another message…sorry about that. 🙂

      Hi, thanks!! I got the shelf 7 years ago at ikea (it's called the billy shelf maybe). I think they still have them. 🙂

  2. Beautiful. What color did you use on the walls in your living room and your bathroom. Very warm and cozy. 🙂 and your kitchen looks amazing!

    • Thanks Kelli!! The living room was already painted this color when we moved in. I found the extra paint in the basement, but someone had removed the info label. Sorry I can't get that info for you!

      The full bath (grey) was painted Behr Granite Boulder.

      I couldn't locate the half (light aqua) bath paint can in the basement (so mad at myself for that one).

      Sorry – I am not of much help!

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