As many of you know we moved a couple of weeks ago into a new (older) home in Leawood.

Here’s a before pic of the front of the house. We don’t really love the left roof area/windows, so we plan on adding some elements to help camouflage that in the future. We also plan on updating the landscaping, painting the front door, etc.

We’ve been meeting some super nice neighbors, getting settled in quite nicely, and have done some painting in Vivi’s room, the main level living room, and a guest room so far. Slowly but surely we’re updating this place to our liking.

We have A LOT of DIYs ahead of us — renovating/updating three bathrooms, the kitchen, and lots more. We plan on knocking down some kitchen walls and really opening it up as well as adding new countertops, backsplash, etc. I can’t wait to get the kitchen project going. Hopefully we can start in the next few months. I’ll be documenting it all, so stay tuned.

So far I’ve given you all a peek at some before (Realtor) photos of Vivi’s room and attached playroom/observatory and our main living room. And if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen some other interesting pics of this quirky house. Oh, there are plenty of quirks, ha!

So for you nosey home tour people out there like me, here are some before pics of our main living room.

The Realtor photo:


And where it is right now with our furniture and decor in place. I’m planning on painting the walls a light sagey grey color soon, which will really help brighten the room.

*** Editor’s note: I painted the walls a very light sagey cream in September, but have failed to photograph and post the updated photos…stay tuned for those.****

We have 31 mature trees on our property (that should be fun this fall), so although we have plenty of windows in the house, not as much light comes through them. The new lighter wall color will help brighten the room.

You step down a few steps from our foyer entrance area into our main living room.
And this is the view straight on. Ted wants to remove all of the parkay flooring and replace it with dark, wide plank wood flooring eventually.

Again, I’ve painted the walls and the closet door near the fireplace. Just need to document. 🙂

After you walk down the stairs you look to the left and we have our new IKEA entertainment center, and a hallway to a half bath, the laundry room, the garage, and the basement.

Do you see that mirror/window thing to the right of the entertainment center area? Well that was a lizard cage with lighting and a water supply. We plan on removing it and returning it to painted drywall someday soon.

The new wall color will really brighten the room a lot. And I plan on painting the closet doors near the fireplace built ins white to match the trim. I also found some cool old brushed brass doorknobs in another part of the house, and Ted is going to switch them out for the ugly ceramic floral closet door knobs. Yess!!

The fireplace wall use to be the tan color and the fireplace was orange, so I painted them both the same color as the trim to make the fireplace feel like one big unit. I think it helps brighten the room so much.



And now we face the fireplace and built in shelves. I LOVE the built ins! So much pretty storage.


And look at the pretty vintage brass pulls. Love!

But let’s not ignore the two creepy built in wooden faces on the fireplace (and two more in the ceiling woodwork). We are going to cut them out, and we have four friends who have claimed them, haha. Soon, they will find new homes. 🙂

Next, we turn to the couch area and the bright skylight sitting area behind the couch, which leads to the deck.

I hate our big dark sectional couch. It shuts the other parts of the room off way too much, and doesn’t allow for conversational seating as much. I really want to sell the sectional and buy a more clean and modern one or for two modern couches. Someday soon, someday.

Next we turn to another seating area and the built in bar area.

The lit corner bar with sink and storage is very dated, so we plan on updating it and adding an actual bar top and shelving to it eventually. For now it will be the awkward corner bar. Or we might decide to remove it all together. We shall see.

And this is the view up the stairs into the foyer, entry living room, and kitchen.

The house has lots of great features and bones, but we plan on updating and modernizing most rooms over the years.We have a lot of projects ahead of us, but we have some time to knock them all out DIY style. We’re really looking forward to it.

I’ll post all of the after photos of the main living room once I find time to paint the walls.

PS. Look for the before photos of the entry way living room later this week!

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start! xoxo


  1. I love the transformation so far — especially the wonders you did to the fireplace wall by just painting it all the same color.

    A lizard cage, huh? That + the creepy faces = if only those walls could talk. Who were the previous owners!?

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