As you might have seen over on my instagram, I’ve been working on updating the dining room over the last month.It was finally finished last weekend, and I’m so happy about it!

Here are a few of the dark, drab, and dreary before photos.

Onto the new room….

Best part—it only cost us about $175 to update it. All we bought was a Target rug, a can of paint (Valspar, Midnight in Paris), and a piece of wood for the wine rack top. Not too shabby.

Ok, I’ll take you on the tour….

Here’s the view when you walk in from the entryway living room.

(All that’s left to update in this view is the gross red stair carpet—
the only carpet in the house, thankfully).

Look to your right, and there is a small seating nook surrounded by bright windows and a skylight.

I originally wanted to replace the golden pendant light, but I kinda like how cool and vintage it is, It also puts off some fun shadows. I bought a new pendant light at IKEA, but ended up deciding that it looked better in Vivi’s room.

DIY // DINING ROOM UPDATE, Oh So Lovely Blog I use the mid century cabinet to store all of my crafty supplies
(I got it for free from a previous neighbor’s trash pile…best find ever)!

When you turn to the other direction you see the view into the fixer upper kitchen, which I cannot wait to update. I wanna rearrange it and open up to the dining and living rooms as much as possible. As soon as possible.

The wine rack belonged to Ted’s late father, and we are happy we found a home for it. It used to just be a stand alone rack, so we added a stained piece of wood to the top, and I added a few decorative elements to it.

The painting is something I did a couple of weeks ago. I like the color it brings into the room. And the canvas was one of a few left by the previous owner…score.

The lamp used to be part of a pair of aqua lamps, which I love, but I wanted this one to be a more fun color, so I spray painted it coral. When it dried I decided it needed something else, so I reverse paint dripped it with metallic gold spray paint. I love this effect.

Now we turn to the buffet table area. This wake table belonged to Ted’s mother’s parents, and dates back over 100 years. We love it, and I love that the dark stain helps bring some weight to the bright room.

I use it to mainly store office supplies…you know what a normal person would use a buffet for, haha! I’m a strange one.


I really wanted to hang the mirror that’s sitting on top of the buffet, but it weighs about 50 pounds, and I had a hard time finding a stud where I needed it, so I left it leaning.Not my preference, but  I like that it at least reflects the chandelier, making the room even brighter.

The chandelier used to be a green color, but I spray painted it with some metallic gold spray paint. I love how it turned out.
The table used to be in my home office in our last house.

It came from a thrift store, and was chrome and cheap wood to start, so I painted the top white, and the legs a metallic gold. I really like this table.

And here’s is my fave bar cart with a little gallery wall above.

The left print is from minted, the bottom one is one I made, and the top sunburst came in a set of three for $5 from Aldi believe it or not. 🙂

And there you have it. A room I enjoy being in now. Hooray!

PS. You can see the rest of the in process home tour here if you like to stalk like that. 🙂

Hope you’re all having a great week!


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