Did you know tomorrow is Boss’ Day?

Well I just found out this afternoon, so I sent my hubby to the liquor store to buy some wine for our bosses.

Then I designed a couple of quick wine gift tags to add a personalized touch (keeping in mind that the toner on my color printer is out right now – I have been too lazy to manually refill –  so I wanted something that would look good printed black and white).


I am sharing generic versions of the tags with you incase you are giving the gift of wine anytime soon and want to print a tag of your own.

Here is what you will need:

+ Cutting mat, ruler and exacto knife (or scissors)
+ A large hole punch (mine is 1″)
+ A black and white or color printer
+ Card stock paper (I used some heavy metallic stock I had on hand)

Step-by-Step instructions:

1. Click on the free printable art below and it will open to full size. Right click and save the file or drag it to your desktop.


2. Open and print the file at actual size on a letter sized sheet of paper.

3. Using your scissors (or exacto knife, ruler and cutting pad) cut out the wine tag you wish to use.

4. Hole punch a hole in the top center part of the pattern.

5. Gently score a fold line along the top of the white box. Do not cut all of the way through the paper. This score line will make a perfect fold line for you. Gently fold.

6. Hang it on your wine bottle neck and gift away!





  1. I missed your post and didn't realize it was boss's day until around 1:00. A coworker and I went in on a last minute "beer basket" chock full of snacks and shiner bock. It was a decent gift, but I loveee the personalized touch for these labels and that you can customize them for any occasion!



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