Well hello there, lovelies!

Much to my surprise, my free printable calendars have been insanely popular over the last couple of years…I’m blushing over here! Thank you.

I’ve received a lot of comments from my peeps asking when the 2015 calendars will be ready and the answer is NOW!!

The only design I kept (but updated a tad) from last year is the mint trellis pattern. I have had too many people ask me to keep it in the mix to take it away, ha.

So, without much further ado…here they are! I really do hope you like them, and welcome comments/ideas for future calendars.


You can download the complete calendar PDFs here:

Gold Dot
Aqua Dot
Green Dot
Coral dot
Mint Trellis



Have no fear, I have you covered. I designed 20+ option for you to choose from.

FREEBIES // 2015 CALENDARS, Oh So Lovely Blog
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26 thoughts on “FREEBIES // 2015 CALENDARS”

  1. Hi! I just wanted to thank you for your super iavromntife site!! My little brother and I used to watch the Square Foot Garden show on PBS and Discovery when we were little-who knew that all these years later I would be stumbling upon the method all over again and actually making an attempt to make it work in my garden this year (because of your site!!)I have had a somewhat successful garden (with overproducing tomatos and zuchini) in the past but this year hope to really do it right. I have a plan wondering how to get feedback on what Ive put together I spent all afternoon poring over the companion planting guide and what I want to plant, and would love to know if I have it right or if I am totally off base! Can you interplant onions within beds of things that grow taller- such as peas? or even tomatoes?thanks again for your awesome site.

  2. Hey, just thought I would let you know that you put St. Patrick's Day on the wrong date. It is always March 17th.

  3. I found these great calendars last year. Took me a while but I found them again. So glad you kept the mint trellis – it's my favorite! Pinned them so all my friends can get them too. Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Audrey,
    Thank you so much for the lovely calendars! I just discovered you (and your lovely blog) through pinterest, and of course, had to print the mint trellis –I love it and am quite excited about this! Thanks again, and Happy New Year!

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