Are you hosting a Super Bowl party this year? I suggest these easy DIY Super Bowl party decor ideas!

I’m also sharing links to all of my store bought decor items at the end of this post, so keep scrolling.

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We’re hosting a small family gathering and are soooo excited that after 50 long years our beloved Kansas City Chiefs are finally in it!

I’ve done some DIY football party decor projects before, but never any with this much excitement! 🙂

Let’s start with the handful of DIY items I made then move onto the store bought stuff after. Sound good?

DIY goal post

This one ended up being even easier than I expected and only required a few materials.

12″ Wooden dowel rods
Hot glue gun and glue
• Spray paint in yellow and green
Floral foam block (square or rectangle)

Spray paint your dowel rods yellow or any color you desire, which usually requires two coats.

Do the same to your foam block using green. I only had to do one coat on this piece.

Once your spray paint dries, the project moves very quickly.

Push one dowel rod through the center of the foam block all the way through the foam.

Take another dowel and hot glue it horizontally centered on the first rod. Hold in place for about 10-15 seconds until the glue is dry.

I didn’t expect hot glue to be strong enough to hold the weight, but it does the trick for a decor piece.

If you plan on using the goal post for a game I recommend adding some epoxy to make it more sturdy.

Next hot glue the third rod vertically to the end of the horizontal bar, and hold in place until dry.

Repeat the same exact step on the other side.

That’s it! You have a really cool DIY goal post

I made one of these a few years ago using yellow drinking straws, but this one was actually much easier and turned out cuter I think.

DIY Super Bowl trophy

Want an even easier one? How about a cute trophy?

All you need are a few supplies:

Small foam football toy
Small terra cotta pot (or anything similar you can find)
• Gold or silver spray paint
Hot glue gun and glue

Spray the football and pot with once coat of metallic spray paint and let dry.

Add a large amount of hot glue to the bottom of the football and place onto the bottom of the pot.

Hold for 10 seconds until the glue fries.

I told you it was easy and it adds a fun element to your party decor!

DIY football field placemat

Here’s another easy idea that also only requires a few supplies.

Green felt sheet
• White tape – thick or thin (this works best)
• Scissors
White number stickers

Take your tape and add it to the center of the felt for the 50 yard line leaving some overhanging.

I only had a 3/4″ white tape on hand, but a thinner tape would have worked much better for this project and would have allowed for more yard lined to be added.

Fold the excess tape to the backside of the felt and repeat this step as many times as you can fit onto your felt sheet while still allowing room for your number stickers.

The stickers don’t permanently stick to the felt, but work fine for a a few days.

I like to use place mats like these as a layering piece on the table.

DIY pennant banner

I think a couple banners really adds the finishing touch to any part setup and I always like making my own with a handful of supplies.

Foam sheets in your favorite team colors
• Scissors
Hole punch
• Ribbon or yarn
• Sporty iron on letters or stickers
Hot glue gun and glue

Decide how many pennant triangles you want to use for your banner and cut them out of the foam sheets. I just eyeball the cuts, but you can use a ruler if that helps.

I chose to do 6 triangles — three red, three yellow.

Using your hole punch, punch a hole at the top two corners of each triangle.

Once all holes are punched, string your ribbon or yard through the holes through the front ensuring that the strand of ribbon is behind each of the triangles.

After all triangles are strung up it’s time to add the letter stickers or iron ons.

I decided to use the iron on letters since I already had them on hand, bur wanted to lightly hot glue them down instead of using an iron, which would melt the foam triangles.

DIY foam football banner

This is another easy banner! Gather your supplies.

Brown craft foam sheet
• Scissors
• Pen for template making
• A football shaped object. I used this dip bowl.
• White tape – thick or thin (this works best)
• Ribbon or yarn
Mini craft clothes pins
Colored tassels (optional)

Decide how many footballs you want to make for your banner, and trace your football shaped item filling the foam sheet.

Cut out all of the footballs with your scissors.

Take your tape and cut stripes for the vertical lace, then three horizontal laces. I cut my thicker white tape in half for this one.

This project moves super quickly!

Cut your ribbon or yarn and gather one mini clothes pin for each football. Clip the footballs evenly onto the string.

You can take it a step further and add tassels in your team colors in between. I like this extra flair! 🙂

And here are both DIY banners stacked together! Fun, huh?

Chocolate covered strawberry footballs

I even decided to up the fun even more and make some quick chocolate covered strawberries with icing laces.

Dipping cholocate
White icing
• Fresh strawberries

Wash and dry your strawberries, and melt the chocolate following the directions on the packaging. It took me about a minute to melt the chocolates in the microwave.

Dip the strawberries into the chocolate until they’re mostly covered, and then put them in the freezer for a few minutes to help the chocolate harden.

One hardened, draw the laces on the chocolate. After a few tries, I found it was easier to draw the horizontal laces first, then draw the vertical last.

These chocolate dipped strawberry footballs will really wow your guests. They won’t know they only took you a few minutes to make them!

I also plan on having some cupcakes for the big game and will add these mini field post cupcake picks to them.

That does it for my DIY Super Bowl party decor. Now let’s talk about the items I bought at the store!

I mostly shopped at the Dollar Tree, Party City, and Amazon for these supplies and I borrowed the Chiefs memorabilia from a friend.

These adorable referee koozies are so fun and come with a whistle attached!

I added them on top of some grass scrapbook paper, which sort of simulates a table runner.

I bought some yellow napkins at the Dollar Tree and added them to a mason jar then added a referee sticker with a hand drawn piece of foam reading “penalty flags.” These stickers come in a set of 24 and also look cute on water bottles and other beverages.

I love these affordable football food boxes as well! I placed both items on a thrifted cake stand to add some height.

I adore this chip and snack server in a helmet! that I borrowed from a friend. Soooo fun!

It’s currently sold out on Amazon, but other teams are available. Even this Super Bowl LIV version.

On game day I’ll add something besides dips in the front section—maybe some sweet snacks.

These mini dip bowls are affordable and cute, so I got three of them to mix in.

Of course I had to buy one Super Bowl LIV cup!

I bought a plastic table cover for a folding plastic table, which I’ll probably use on game day, but I wish I would have bought this one.

And a mixture of generic and Chiefs plates from the Dollar Tree and Party City. The Chiefs cups were 99 cents each.

I borrowed this Patrick Mahomes bobble head from my friend

Same thing with the KC Wolf and Travis Kelce bobbleheads. They look great under the DIY goal post!

I borrowed this mini Chiefs helmet as well.

That does it for my DIY Super Bowl party decor ideas! I had so much fun styling this set up.

What do you think? See anything you want to replicate or buy for yourself? If you make your own decor I’d love it if you’d tag me in your InstaTwitter, or Facebook photos, and I’m always so very thankful when you Pin my work as well.

There’s an excitement in Kansas City very similar to when the Royals won the World Series in 2015. I can’t wait for the big game and hope the Chiefs come out champions!

Any other Chiefs fans out there?


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