It’s the time of year to celebrate birthday parties, mother’s day, father’s day, graduations and baby showers.

Are you hosting one of these gatherings or simply looking for a more personalized way to treat someone? Cupcakes are a very trendy dessert right now and make great centerpieces, favors or treats for any gathering.

There are some great  locally owned and operated boutique-style cupcake bakeries around Kansas City such as Baby Cakes in the River Market, 3 Girls Cupcakes, a mobile cupcakery, Cupcake A La Mode on the Plaza and Small Cakes in Olathe.

What’s better than treating someone to a gourmet cupcake made locally? Adding a cute topper to said cupcake and making it a more personalized treat or even gift.

I have designed some cupcake toppers for some upcoming Spring & Summer events. Feel free to click here to download free cupcake topper printables for your own use. All you have to do is print the cupcake topper(s) on heavy paper, cut them out in squares and then simply scotch tape them to toothpicks. Insert the toppers into your cupcakes and there you have it – a cuter, more personalized cupcake.

Here is a peek at the mother’s day cupcake from Baby Cakes that I plan on giving to my mother, Pam and mother-in-law, Annie.


DIY  //  CUPCAKE TOPPERS, Oh So Lovely Blog

DIY  //  CUPCAKE TOPPERS, Oh So Lovely Blog

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