You guys! I made an easy no-sew fringe scarf using only two supplies, and it only cost me $4!

easy no-sew fringe scarf

Watch the live TV tutorial by clicking here!

Wanna learn how to make one of your own?

Gather your two supplies.
+ A cheap, soft, solid colored men’s XL or XXL t-shirt (a used shirt works too)
+ Sharp scissors

Let’s get started!

Lay your shirt out flat, and cut across from armpit to armpit (the cut doesn’t have to be perfect). Then, cut off the bottom seam. Discard the rest.

Take your scissors and cut vertical strips up the bottom of the shirt. I cut mine about half an inch wide and about 8″ tall. Again, these don’t have to be perfect.

Repeat this step until you get all the way across the shirt.

Next, take a strip and gently pull and stretch it downward a few times.

TIP: It helps to use your other hand to secure the part of the strip that connects to the t-shirt. If your strips are thin enough you could possibly pull them off of the shirt. I started by stretching one strip at a time, but then started stretching by the handful, which saved some time.

easy no-sew fringe scarf

Repeat this step all the way across the shirt, and then stretch out the upper, non-cut part of the shirt as well. This stretches the fabric and naturally curls the edges, which hide any uneven cuts.

easy no-sew fringe scarf

My scarf was long enough to double because I started with a larger men’s shirt. The smaller the shirt you use the shorter the scarf you’ll end up with. In my opinion, the scarf looks much better doubled.

easy no-sew fringe scarf

It took about 5 minutes from start to finish and turned out better than I expected. If my scissors would have been sharper it would have been a little quicker and cleaner, but I’m a hot mess, so this works for me, ha!

I have plans to make a few other styles as well. I’m kinda hooked. I really wanna try one with a soft, old sweater. 🙂

Has anyone else ever tried to make a DIY no-sew fringe scarf? I’d love to see how yours turned out.



easy no-sew fringe scarf

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