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As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve owned a small rental house in Olathe, Kansas for 10 years. We decided that it’s finally time to (hopefully) sell it.

I had a busy, final weekend at the rental doing last-minute updates. I don’t even wanna tally up the hours I’ve spent there over the last two weeks painting, cleaning, staging, landscaping, etc, but at least it’s as done as it can be (and for the record I estimate about 40 hours at the house in the evenings). It was tough having our 20 month old and the hubs at our main house for most of the time, but I feel pretty proud that I flipped this house 98% myself.

Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon upgrading all of the brass door handles and the brass fan to an oil rubbed bronze finish. Replacing these items would have cost us almost $300, but a $5 can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint and some patience changed that.

I removed all of the door knobs, and the hubs helped me remove the ceiling fan. I cleaned everything, then got busy spray painting.

I poked the door knobs through an old cardboard box to keep the knobs upright, and sprayed three light coats of paint on them, and let them dry.

PS. I only had my phone with me at the house, so please excuse the phone pics throughout. 


DIY // UPDATES ON A DIME, Oh So Lovely Blog
 I think they turned out pretty nicely.

DIY // UPDATES ON A DIME, Oh So Lovely Blog

Watch the screwdriver when you screw the knobs back in. If it removes any of the paint, I suggest using a little bit of touch up spray paint.

On to the fan…

I had trouble removing the fan, so I had the hubs help. It was a little more complicated than a regular fan removal.

Once it was removed, I broke down all of the pieces and spray painted all of the brass with three light coats.

Once dry, I screwed everything back together.

I have to say…I’m pretty proud of myself for putting the fan back together and hanging it up all by myself. It even worked properly afterwards, haha! That is something Ted normally does, but I knew I could do it. 😀

I’ll have more of the DIY project details and the after photos for the rental available this week (of course I was too overwhelmed with the house in it’s original dirty state, and forgot to take before photos…dangit).

The house goes on the market today….whoohoo! Fingers crossed it sells quickly. 🙂

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