I received the prettiest early Mother’s Day floral bouquet from 1-800 Flowers, and wanted to incorporate a few stems into a DIY project. I decided to make an easy DIY upcycled floral wall hanging with our toddler.

DIY upcycled floral wall hanging tutorial

A couple of years ago I took some plastic water bottles and some paint and upcycled them into some DIY painted water bottle vases for a TV segment. Since then, they’ve sat on a shelf in our toddler’s room, and today we decided to reuse a couple of them.

We gathered our supplies:

+ 3 empty water bottles in varying styles
+ String
+ Scissors
+ 5-6 Flower stems
+ Stick (spray painted gold if you wish)
+ Masking tape
+ Acrylic Paint and brush
+ Gold foil tape (not pictured)

DIY upcycled floral wall hanging tutorial

Next, I taped off the bottom of the non-painted water bottle, and Vivienne got to work painting.

Then I touched up the paint on the already painted bottles.

DIY upcycled floral wall hanging tutorial
Once dry, add a strip of gold foil tape to each bottle where the paint ends to create some interest and disguise the imperfect paint edges. I found three rolls of it on clearance awhile back—best find ever!

Time to attach the bottles to the stick with string. I tried the twine (originally pictured), but decided it was too rustic looking, so I used my trusty gold and cream string instead. I cut four 10-12″ strings, and tied one to each neck of the water bottle.

DIY upcycled floral wall hanging tutorial
Now take the stick and tied each string to it leaving the water bottles at varying lengths, then trimming off the excess. I used the remaining string to create a simple hanger at the top.

DIY upcycled floral wall hanging tutorial
Fill each bottle with about 2″ of water and then hang on the wall with a cute tack, which holds the water and flower weight just fine. Finally, add a stem or two to each bottle to your liking.

That’s it. You have a DIY upcycled floral wall hanging! Pretty easy, huh? I think it’s a fun and unexpected little upcycling project, and it’s a good one to do with a kiddo.

Oh, and I then decided that it would also look really cute hung on our front door with a wreath hanger. I love the pops of color against our turquoise door!

I added a stem or two to each bottle.

I added a stem or two to each bottle.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Still looking for a gift idea? 1-800 Flowers offers some beautiful floral arrangements that your mom is sure to love.

And if you’re looking for a fun, affordable craft you can do with your kiddos—and possibly one that can double as a homemade gift for the mom in your life, you might want to try to make your own DIY upcycled floral wall hanging.



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DIY upcycled floral wall hanging tutorial