This morning I was back on KCTV5’s Better Kansas City with another project – DIY tea towels.Click here to watch the video (please ignore my camera mishap at the very beginning, ha).

DIY // TEA TOWELS, Oh So Lovely Blog

Below is the complete tutorial 

Looking for a thoughtful, homemade gift idea?
These state + city themed tea towels are so easy and fun to make.

DIY // TEA TOWELS, Oh So Lovely Blog

Gather your materials.
+ Any extra fabric you have laying around
+ 1-2 White tea towels (I got mine from Amazon)
+ Sharpie marker
+ Your state printed template (scroll to the bottom of this post for your free KS and MO printables)
+ Fabric Glue, iron on adhesive or a sewing machine
You will also need an iron (if you choose the iron on route) and a printer.
Cut out the printed state templates and trace around them with your sharpie onto the fabric. Next, cut out the state shapes.
If using the iron on method, cut the material to fit the shape of the state (make sure you cover the fabric as much as possible). Remember to apply the iron on adhesive to the backside (flipped) side of the state shape.
To get your fabric hearts, cut 2 “freehanded” hearts from some fabric in another color.
Flip your state over gently (making sure your iron on material stays underneath the fabric). Iron the state to the tea towel. Make sure you follow the directions on the iron on material packaging.
Finally, you will want to iron your heart(s) to your state.
Voilà….you have your very own KC ♥ tea towel(s). Enjoy!
Click on your desired state, which will open it al full size. Print it actual size on your printer.

7 thoughts on “DIY // TEA TOWELS”

  1. I can do this! We are fixing up a vintage camper and the primary color is …. Wait for it …. Turquoise! Your example is EXACTLY what I want to make. I even have all the supplies to make one right now! Thank you from Warrensburg, Missouri!

    • I just finished my first tea towel using your Kansas template. Oh so lovely! I didn't trust my fabric not to fray so I zig-zag stitched around the edge. I also didn't trust my ability to cut a heart freehand so I embroidered one, placing it on Wichita where my husband was born. In hindsight, I'm not sure my embroidered one is any better than a hand cut heart of mine would have been, but perfection is over-rated, right? Just for grins, I took a picture of it hanging on the door of our '66 turquoise camper — which is pulled by a '64 turquoise Thunderbird, of course! I hope you can see the picture here –> Thank you for the inspiration and the template. Now on to tea towels for Missouri (where we live) and South Dakota (where I was born).

    • LueRae!! Your tea towel looks AMAZING!! I love the way it looks stitched as well. I used a "no fray" fabric glue – super lazy I know, ha. I'm very impressed. Thank so much for sharing your photos with me 🙂

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