Spring is so close, and I’m just so happy about it!

I’ve been busy sprucing up our deck with fresh potted flowers, and am now focusing on sprucing up the indoors.

I adore succulents, and if I can avoid overwatering them, they usually last a decent amount of time for me (black thumb). So I decided that it was time to make a super quick and easy succulent terrarium.

All you need:
– Small, cheap succulent plant
– Your favorite small container (I opted for some vintage milk glass)
– A cloche (I got mine at Michael’s on sale, and spray painted the base gold)
– A few small rocks (for drainage)

Add a few rocks to the bottom of your container. They will help the plant drain better when it is lightly watered (since there is no drain hole in the bottom of the container).

Remove the succulent from the plastic pot it comes in, and place it in the new container. You might need to add some extra potting soil.

Place your container in your cloche.

Seriously, it’s that simple. And not to mention, cute!

Well I decided not to stop there because that’s how I roll. I took a terra cotta potted succulent plant, and decided that it needed a little something to make it pop.

I took my white acrylic paint and a foam brush and quickly painted one coat of paint around the top part of the pot (I love how the white plays off of the white milk glass).

Then of course I had to style it up with one of my favorite Bekah Ash pieces and a vintage book.

Are you a succulent lover like me? Any plans to make your own succulent terrarium? I highly suggest it. 🙂

Happy Spring, mah lovelies!!



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