I was challenged to create a DIY wind chime out of vintage/found materials.

I bought a set of 15 keys from eBay for about $10 and spray painted them in bright, fun colors.
Then I gathered the rest of the materials that I had on hand.
+ 10-15 metal keys
+ Mason jar outer lid/ring (large)
+ String
+ Scissors
+ 4 metal binder clips
+ Spray paint
+ Fishing wire
I used a spray painted outer lid from a large mason jar as the base to hold it all together. This string won’t be very visible, FYI. To start, I tightly clipped the string to all 4 sides of the jar in a T shape
Next, I flipped the lid upside down and ran some fishing wire through each of the 4 clips.
I connected 3-4 keys to each of the 4 fishing wire strands so that they overlap a bit.
Next, I tied all 4 key strands to the T shape string at each corner.
To finish, flip the clips upward and tie a piece of string through 2 of them for easy hanging.
Hang, then step back and admire.
It sounds absolutely beautiful. Not bad for $10 and a little creativity. 🙂

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