Each year around this time we always make some time to give our home a once-over to get the property ready for summer. How about you?

As you might know, with a few inspections here and there, you can ensure that your home is up to snuff in time for the changing seasons. We’ve found that with this small amount of forethought can help you decrease energy costs and can even prevent inconvenient and potentially expensive repairs down the line. Consider the tips below when prepping your house for toasty days and long summer nights.

diy get home ready summerClean up Vents and Fans
A lot of dust can accumulate over the winter, especially in places that are out of sight and out of mind. Ceiling fan blades are often forgotten about until the fan is switched on, releasing four months’ worth of dust, allergens and grime. Just a quick wipe will keep you sneeze-free, and help you dodge an unnecessary dusting project on neighboring bookshelves. Other prime suspects in pet hair and dust collection are your vents and filters. Vacuuming filter guards inside and out, and either changing or washing the air filters themselves will let your air conditioning kick off the new season in a clean and crisp way. Remember to read the manufacturer’s instructions for your air filters, as some can be cleaned at home rather than replaced each time.


diy get home ready summer

Check for Leaks
Now that you’re busy getting ready for some gardening and other outdoor fun, make sure to do a hose and pipe check. The good news is, you probably don’t have to replace your entire hose if you find a small leak. You can pick up a hose repair kit at most hardware stores rather than having to invest in entirely new gear. If you experienced hard freezes throughout the course of the winter months, you may want to consider calling a plumber to come in and check your pipes. Only a professional can help you spot and stop a leak before it ends up costing you hundreds of dollars in utility bills and water damage. Pipes can crack or burst in extreme temperatures and the problem may not be discovered until it is too late.


diy get home ready summer

Switch out Your Curtains
Many people opt for seasonal curtains. Aside from the fun of mixing it up every few months, certain types of curtains are better suited to certain weathers. You may find that using heavy, dark curtains in the winter can significantly decrease your heating bill. Just as thermal or insulated drapes can keep out the cold, lighter breezy window coverings can allow for breezes to circulate an let in some golden sunshine. In the heat of July or August, consider tinted window coverings that block the intense heat and help keep your air conditioning bills down to a minimum.

Getting ready for summer doesn’t just mean planning a vacation or figuring out what to do when the kids are home from school. It also means making sure your house has gotten through the winter in one piece, and protecting it against the upcoming temperature and weather changes. With a little bit of DIY and the help of a few professionals, your home will be summer ready in no time.

I’d love to hear some of your go-to home maintenance tips! What are we missing?



  1. I love the idea of seasonal curtains! My drape can feel a little heavy in the summer so I think I’m going to go pick up something a little more light and airy for the season! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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