As promised I’m sharing my quick front door face lift today!

As you might have seen on Instagram, it took me three tries to get the front door turquoise paint color right. Oh well, I like it now, and at least it’s not maroon any longer. 🙂

Here’s a before shot of the front door from last week.

Vivi and I started out with Valspar Acapulco Cliffs, but it was just too bright and bold when it was all said and done.


FYI: The weird window in the middle of the door is a Wizard of Oz stained glass window, that we
decided to print over until we either replace with a window or with wood.

I went back to Lowe’s and got a quart of Valspar Crystal Aqua.

After painting some test swatches I decided that this new shade was still not right….too light.

So I took it back and had it tinted for free to the next darkest swatch on the paint sample card—Bay Mist.

After a quick test strip I knew this one was the winner, so I went on repainting the door. We decided to completely paint the Wizard of Oz stained glass window until we decide how we want to replace it.

Two coats inside and out later, and it was all finished.

I replaced the temporary plastic turquoise adirondack chair with my five minute updated rocking chair, and the porch was complete.

I’d still like to make a simple DIY fall wreath. Hopefully I can accomplish that this weekend.

What do ya think?

What color is your front door? I’d love to see a pic! Take a pic and tag me on Instagram why dont’cha. 🙂


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