Happy Monday!

So, you might have noticed I’ve been on a marquee letter kick lately. I tend to do that. 🙂

A month ago I did my Halloween BOO lights (which PS. I will be covering in my next Better Kansas City TV segment this Tuesday 10/21), and a couple of weeks ago I did my marquee door wreath.

Well this one is my fave so far. I made it for next to nothing compared to buying a pre-made marquee letter, and it looks awesome when it’s finished.

I found a large metal letter at Hobby Lobby that could be flipped to the backside to look like a marquee letter. It was perfect and 50% off, so I snatched it up got to work.

All I needed for the project was:
– The metal letter ($12)
– Strand of glass bulb lights from Target ($12)
– Metallic copper spray paint
– Drill and 5/8″ bit that can go through metal

I marked the areas where the holes needed to be drilled, then we hammered and removed some nails into the spots marked to create a pilot hole. This helps the bit do it’s job much easier.

My husband drilled the 5/8″ holes, which needed to be a little larger so the bulb could go through with extra room and connect to the wiring. If the hole is drilled too small it could possibly not let the bulb screw all of the way into the strand and some of the metal bulb could touch the metal letter, and transport shocking electricity, so please make sure your holes are larger than you need them to be for safety’s sake.

The drilled hole edges might be a little ragged, so please take care when touching that part.

Next spray paint your letter. I am LOVING this Krylon metallic copper spray paint, FYI.


Once the paint dries, you can add your bulbs.



The strand works even with other bulbs unscrewed, so I unscrewed the extra bulbs from
the strand, and placed the finished letter on our fireplace.

The copper color even feels a little Halloween/Fall-ish. Added bonus.

I love the way it turned out, and it adds some nice lighting to our living room. I have a “V” that I also made for Vivi’s room. 🙂

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