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My friend Ashley Gordon made the prettiest little boxwood wreaths last weekend, and I just had to share them with you!
Supplies needed for one wreath: 
+ Small 3M command hooks (qty 2)
+ 6″ grapevine wreath (qty 1)
+ 20″ length ribbon (qty 2)
+ Boxwood boughs (about 3 clippings – roughly 6″ long)
+ Hot glue gun
Ashley’s Instructions:
1). Start by pulling apart your boxwood boughs. You will just remove the offshoots from the main stem. Set aside.
2). Cut ribbons to about 20″. May need more or less, depending on height of the cabinets.
3). Flip bare grapevine wreath so it is face down. Loop one of the ribbons around a vine near the top of the ribbon. Hot glue the end of the ribbon back into itself to make a little tab. Maybe about 1″. Repeat on the bottom. Let ends hang loose.
4). Flip the wreath back over to face up. Take four of your largest boxwood sprigs and place them at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 on the wreath. No need to be fancy. Just hot glue or wire them down. Just shove the ends of the sprig in between the vines.
5). Use the smaller boxwood sprigs to start filling in the wreath. I work in a clockwise pattern, adding until I’ve reached the desired fullness. Go cut more boxwood if you realize you don’t have enough.
6). Following the directions on the package, hang your command strips on the inside of the cabinet. This is important — make sure the top hook faces down and the bottom hook faces up. You can measure if you want to be super precise, but I just eyeballed it and aimed for the middle of the cabinet, about six inches from the top/bottom.
7). Position the wreath at the desired height on the front of the cabinet. Drape the top ribbon over the top of the cabinet, so it can be wrapped around the top hook. Wrap the ribbon around the hook 3-4 times and tie it off with a simple knot.
8). Take the bottom ribbon and run it under the bottom edge of the cabinet door, so it can be wrapped around the bottom hook. Wrap the ribbon around the hook 3-4 times and tie it off with a simple knot.
9). Step back and pat yourself on the back!
Aren’t her wreaths gorgeous? I can’t wait to make some for myself. We do have a boxwood out back that definitely needs some trimming. 🙂
Thanks for letting me share your project, Ashley! 🙂

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