One of the rooms in our house that I used to dislike the most—our master bathroom–has now become one of my faves thanks to an affordable update.

Here’s a before photo from 2010 (yes that’s carpet in the bathroom…yuck).

This spring we finally pulled the carpet and replaced it with wood look ceramic tiles. The tiles cost us about $500, but my hubby’s DIY tile laying skills saved us a lot of money.

















We think the tile made a huge difference, but we definitely didn’t love the wall color.

DIY // MASTER BATH (PART 2), Oh So Lovely Blog
Apparently my mirror cleaning skills need some work.















Last Friday afternoon I decided to paint the bathroom a different, more spa-like color (Behr Sage Grey). It only took me about two hours from start to finish (I’m a crazy get shit done person :). I love the fresh color.

$30 worth of paint went a long way!

DIY // MASTER BATH (PART 2), Oh So Lovely Blog
 Again, the mirrors, ha.















If we had more time and money, we’d love to update the faucets and the builders grade tile (to white subway tile), but we hope to put the house back on the market in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully the changes we did make will help sell it faster.