I really enjoyed this Halloween. It was so fun with a 17 month old. I did some extra decorating this year, and am pretty sure that’s the new norm. I love to see the amazement in Vivi’s eyes when she sees the holiday decor for each season.

Today I finally de-Halloweened our entryway table and fireplace and transitioned them into fall.

I only use items I find around the house to update our decor, so after pillaging the basement, I found a few gems that would work. Yes, my husband hates how much “crap” I store down there, ha.


My favorite piece is the ceramic pumpkin I found at T.J. Maxx for $20 last summer. Such a great find!

And here’s the fireplace. I just added a couple of gold pumpkins and pinecones and left the rest as is.
I love the warm glow from the globe and marquee letter. We never have to use any extra lights at night. 🙂


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