Bring Your Lunch to Work in Style

Packing lunch has come a long way from the traditional brown bag many of us remember from our school days. Bringing your lunch to work is no longer for those who are desperately trying to make ends meet. Not only is the cost savings of bringing lunch substantial, but brown bagging is great for the multi-tasker who wants to keep healthy.

Why Bring Your Own Lunch?

Getting up to go to the cafeteria, canteen or eatery takes precious time away from a project and can consume a significant amount of your hard-earned money. If you are racing against the clock for a deadline, the last thing you want is to have to get up, go downstairs and grab something outside to satisfy your growling stomach. You may also want to avoid eating cookies and other simple carbs lying around at the coffee station to avoid a sugar crash later on. Bringing your own lunch is a necessity on especially hectic days.

It is estimated that most people could go on a lavish vacation if they brought their own lunch to work for a year. If you spent $7 a day on lunch, you could spring for a cruise at the end of the year. Packing lunch doesn’t have to be labor intensive, but with some practice, it can be quick and easy and help you save your hard-earned money at the place you earn it—at work. Whether you want to bring your lunch in a briefcase or bring attractive lunch bag’s for women, taking your lunch to work is convenient and easy.

Bring Your Lunch to Work in Style

In addition, packing your lunch provides you with the ability to make truly healthy choices. If you have a diet that may be a challenge to accommodate outside of your home—you may be a macrobiotic organic vegan or be devoted to a gluten-free diet—bringing your own lunch takes the guesswork and expense out of trying to find what you are looking for in a café across the street from your office.

Stylish Lunch Totes

There is no reason to hide the fact that you are bringing your own food from home, but at the same time, you may not want to carry something that looks like it is holding your lunch. Your kids may love lunch boxes with their favorite cartoon characters gracing the exterior, but you most likely want something that is geared toward the office.

What you may prefer is a tote-style bag that looks like a designer purse and opens at the top. You can bring fresh salads and not have to worry about the lettuce wilting with thermal features that keep food warm or cool. A high-quality lunch tote prevents leaks and is easy to clean off with a wet cloth. It may have anti-bacterial and anti-mold materials that protect the tote against stains and the growth of germs. In addition to carrying your lunch, these totes can also be used for storing your phone, keys, cosmetics, and other important items.

Bring Your Lunch to Work in Style

Taking your lunch to work makes sense in relation to your finances, diet, and time-management. Save eating out for times you can enjoy a leisurely meal with friends, but when you are at work, you can tote your healthy sandwiches and treats.

Does anyone else regularly take your lunch to work? I’d love to hear any of your tips.

I work from home and almost always eat at home, so it’s easy for me but I’m trying to get my husband on board as well. Knowing we could afford a nice vacation with the savings gives me some MAJOR motivation.