Hello!! Today I want to take you on a quick holiday tour of our home.

I always get super festive, and love it when the the holiday lights are glowing. We never have to turn an overhead light on it’s so bright, ha.
This is the view right when you walk in our front door. I love a tall skinny tree in this area, and raised it up on a vintage suitcase for even more height.
I had to zip tie it to our spindles to the little lady doesn’t pull it down on herself.
This is the entry table to the right of the tree featuring my DIY snow globes.
Here’s the view from the other direction.
And the view from the staircase…
We always top the tree with our vintage sharp tooth hand puppet. 🙂
On to the living room…
And upstairs…this is the table at the top of our staircase landing.
A small tree in the master bedroom sitting area…
And lastly, Vivi has her own little pink tree in her room.
We have six indoor trees ranging in sizes. I guess I’ll stop there. 🙂
I just love this time of year!PS. My free December Desktop Calendars will be available tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “HOLIDAY HOME TOUR”

  1. Merry Christmas! Your home looks amazing! Where did you get the light up Globes? I am obsessed with globes and I have a few in Larson's room, but I lit one would be a great night light!

    • Thank you Kristy! I'm so obsessed with globes too. I got the 3 globes in different places…an antique store, one was Ted's when he was a kid, and the other was given to me by a friend. I'd check ebay and/or antique stores. Larson is a doll, btw. xo

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