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The holidays are upon us, and that means it’s time to start thinking about gift giving.

I’ve found some super affordable, fun, and unique gift ideas that would work for practically anyone on your list. Almost everything is way less than $50. At that price, you might even deem it necessary to treat yo’self.

And don’t you fret…every gift you see below can be purchased online, so you can keep those comfy, stained sweatpants on while you shop. There really are no excuses now.



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1  /  I’m obsessed with these awesome glasses from Easy, Tiger. They’re so fun and glam all at once. $11.99 – 14.99

2   /  We all know faux taxidermy is everything right now. This is a small gold magnet version, but it would totally work as wall decor. This lil guy would work perfectly in a gallery wall grouping. $12.95

3   /  This gorgeous pillow in warm scallops really adds a nice pop to your decor. Read my review here. $19.84 – $27.77 

4   /   This is one of my most favorite pillows that I own –  a whimsical tribute to Moby Dick. You can read my review here. $19.84 – $27.77 

5   /  I adore these cute hand embroidered wall art hoops from Athena and Eugenia’s Etsy shop. There are lots more to choose from. 2 for $32

6   /  These brushed gold and copper bud vases are gorgeous. Enough said. $9.95 – $10.95 each

7   /   Adding an unexpected element to your decor is always a great way to fun up your space. This book end is definitely a conversation starter. $29.95

8   /  This Prize Candle in Provance Lavender smells AMAZING! And even better, there’s a ring hidden inside every single candle ranging from $10 – $5,000. I found a $10 ring in mine, but am pretty tempted to go buy lots more for a chance to win a real stunner. 🙂 $24.99

9   /   I have a lovely home office, but I’ll admit it…I spend most of my evenings working on my lap desk on the couch. This desk is so comfortable, handy, and helps enable my background TV binge watching sessions. $23.39

10   /   Buy Me Brunch makes the most hilarious apparel. Lots to choose from, and most items are profane, which is the main reason I love them, ha. $32

11   /   This large, gold plated wishbone is the perfect gift for a very lucky recipient. It would look amazing styled on a coffee table or shelf. I love it! $48

12   /   Daily Dishonesty is the perfect coffee table book full of hilarious hand lettered illustrations by the talented Lauren Hom of Hom Sweet Hom$10.29

13  /   If you can’t get enough of her book, Lauren Hom also sells her Daily Dishonesty art prints individually. These prints will fun up your space in an instant. $20, $37 framed

14  /  These golden scissors make the task of cutting anything a glamorous experience. They are limited edition items, so hurry over to Target and get yours. $16.99

15   /   I’m obsessed with mid-century modern everything…especially chairs. I found these miniature Eames chairs and fell in love instantly. I must get one to hold my business cards ASAP! $34.45

16   /   And if you get those gold scissors, you have to have the (limited edition) matching stapler. Am I right? $15.99

17   /   These leather tassels from B Heart B would make a perfect key chains or purse embellishment. Of course I love the mint one. So pretty! $18 PS. I own a lovely gold one from the Sutter Sisters. $12.50

18  /  These turquoise tea light holders are perfect! I love the vintage feel and beautiful rich  color. $12 each

Happy shopping!

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