Hi there!

So, here are a few facts about me:

1. I really like cool, retro typewriters
2. I love aqua and coral (duh)
3. I enjoy making free printables

I mashed all 3 of these things together and look what happened… 🙂


Here are two 8×10 printables:



And two letter sized stationery sheets (click them to view larger):




To save the 8×10 print:

Click on the desired printable above (it’ll open large) and drag the image to your desktop (mac) or right click and save (pc) (you might have to “control” click to save it depending on your computer settings). Open and print it on a letter sized sheet of white card stock paper (with a color printer) and trim to size. Frame, hang and enjoy!
To save print the letter sized stationery:
Do all of  the above, but stop at “…and trim to size. Frame, hang and enjoy!” It’s that easy, ha.

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