Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!

The hubs had a last minute opportunity to ride to Colorado with a great friend and climb yet another 14er (Pikes and the Y-Couloir this time).  I am happy he got to tick another one off of his list – the mountains just make us happy, and he really deserved a break. 🙂

So, I am single parenting it this weekend with my sweet little Vivienne. She has been so fun and easy, and as she napped I cranked out some DIY projects.

I gathered all of the party decor that I have been collecting and making over the last few months and started a few projects in preparation for Vivi’s first birthday party next weekend.

Started the birthday banner and 11 months of photos….

Painted some wood slices in cheery colors….not really sure what I will use them for, but will find a place for them at Vivi’s party (and then on our back deck afterwards).


I wish I had a before photo of the flower bed/landscaping on the front of our house, but it was so bad I must have been too embarrassed to document it, ha. We have been ignoring it because Ted is planning a landscaping overhaul with terraced pavers. The weeds were almost up to my knees. So bad.

I just couldn’t handle looking at it anymore, so I spent $60 on mulch, weed mat and plants and cranked out some landscaping over 2 days (yay for 2 long baby naps and one baby “swim” session, ha).

I spruced up the existing landscape and extended a section to the driveway.


Not perfect, but better and I can at least stand looking at it now. 🙂

I will share the finished landscaping overhaul once it’s complete. Ted has been busy painting the exterior of our house (worst DIY project ever!) and will then resume the landscape project.

And lastly I potted some succulents…

In the kitchen…


Master bedroom…

Not sure how I got so much done while single parenting, but I am not complaining and I definitely deserve a margarita. 🙂

What have you been working on this weekend?


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